Valentines Photoshop Brushes – The Moment of Truth

And it was about time. Despite of the removal, despite of not having a decent Internet connection in my new apartment, despite the fact that we waited for a fridge for 3 days and the washing machine for 2 days, against all odds – in between of removal boxes, I managed to make them.

Ladies and gentleman (OK, I know, ladies mostly)

I am proud to present you, brand new


Valentine's Photoshop Brushes

As usual, there is a little something for FREE so you get a taste of what is offered in the Premium Edition.

As usual, they are all HiRes, smooth edges, huge sizes all round purpose design helpers with commercial license, so you can use them in your commercial projects!

Of course, don’t forget create a little something for your beloved ones and remember, staff that you create will always have that special value.

OK. Enough talking :)

1. FREE Lite edition consists of 3 brushes (at 1000px)

[ Click here for preview free Lite edition ]

[ Click here to download free Lite edition ] sorry, 5 days subscription free download offer expired. Download is now available after joining GBG. Please read about our free download policy and Join GBG community for more free downloads. Thanks!

Valentines Photoshop Brushes2. Premium edition of this set consists of 21 brush at 2000px AND 21 brush at 1000px + 21 transparent PNG file!

[ Click here for preview Premium edition ]

[ Click here to buy Premium edition ]

I don’t know, I figured I should probably enumerate some of the practical use examples, but then, there are like, zillions of possible applications for these brushes and this post would real be too  long, it would bore you with the stuff you already know.

So, I opted to skip that part. Instead, I will send the following message: Love each other! Hug each other! Kiss each other! Make great stuff with these brushes and see how other people appreciate it.

This Photoshop brushes set is compatible with Photoshop 7.0, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5 (and all newer versions)

As always, a little reminder, this FULL PRO set can be obtained for $4.99 if you get the big, huge, one and the only MEGA 800+ PS BRUSHES SET, click here for details ->

Look, I really don’t know why I put “The Moment of Truth” in the subject of the post. I guess I just like to dramatize … I’m like that. I dramatize. It makes life even more fun when you dramatize. Try it :)

Check out  Hearts Photoshop Brushes Set (32) too :).
No more P.S.




  1. Thanks for this cool post. Anyway i found your blog on yahoo and find it very useful. I’ll be sure to come back again for more!

  2. Great set! I especially like the banners and the half-tones.

  3. Thanks Ivy!
    Darijan used them in PS CS4 :) and there are no problems!


  4. These are beautiful! I have a question for you about your ULTIMATE set – do you know if anybody has had success using the brushes in CS4? I upgraded from PSE 6.0 to CS4 and was interested in the bundle but don’t want to be limited to using them only in Elements.

  5. Thank you so much for the wonderful sampler!

  6. Checked out the blog and I love the images! You are very talented and creative person Silvia! Thanks for the work on these (as usual) impressive and useful brushes!
    I am thinking about the 800+ plunge here shortly. Need to check on some things. I may have bought some of them separately already though.
    Thanks again!

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