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Facebook Friends, Wedding Invitation Template And Stuff

Facebook Friends, Wedding Invitation Template And Stuff

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A Facebook friend (Yep. we’ve got friends, these days, and we have Facebook friends, surely you’ve got a few Facebook friends yourself) of mine just told me yesterday she is getting married by the end of the year. It is a long tradition, the marriage thing, people have been doing it for, well, quite a long time, and the way things are, it seems like this tradition will stick around. And it should, of course. As long as we don’t forget the first and most important prerequisite for marriage and that is – love.

So, she told me she is getting married. And, of course, preparation for this day start at least 6 months ahead, sometimes even more. Couples, for a reason, what this day to be special not just for them, but also for their friends and family and everyone they invite. I guess wedding invitations are probably as old as the wedding itself. OK. People got married even before they were literate, so I guess, there were no wedding invitations in the way we know them now, but now, since everyone is more or less literate, wedding invitations are pretty common way to invite someone to come to a wedding.

And, of course, wedding invitations are one of the most important thing when it comes to wedding planing. Because, these should express the creativity and the personality of the couple if possible. If not, they will just show the personality of the bride. Heheheh!

Anyways, I already made a couple of posts about wedding invitations and those were always very popular.

So, since my FB friend (Facebook friend, this is abbreviation) mentioned she is getting married, I figured I’d make yet another wedding invitation. This is already done on a template from PrintRunner.Com – online printing services company, so it’s ready for upload. If you like the invitation, just open it in Photoshop, change the wordings and submit them for printing on PrintRunner.Com.

Facebook Friends, Wedding Invitation Template And Stuff

OK. Gang. Congratulations to Katarina (my FB friend who is getting married), if you are not married don’t worry, your turn will come, if you are married already, well … ;))

Have a great day everyone! I hope you will like today’s free download!



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Make your own custom wedding album

Make your own custom wedding album

I know, there’s probably nothing wrong with good old fashioned photo albums where you just stack your photos in.

However, today, with digital imaging and software like Photoshop it takes only so much effort to create cool, custom made, little works of art that will hold the images from your, your friends or your clients wedding. And when it’s printed out, this album will not just be a placeholder for your photos, it will be like a little book that you designed and it will be unique, the one and the only that looks like that. Your own photo book.

Wedding photo album cover

If you’re not a graphic designer or if you are not familiar with vector editing software or you just don’t have the time to create graphic decorations for such a custom photo album, but you’d still like to make your own albums – then you’re probably looking at the perfect solution.

With Photoshop brushes it’s only a matter of having Photoshop* (any version from 7.0 up to CS3), pressing F5 to get the Photoshop brushes palette on screen and applying the ones you like the most to the background.

Then just add the photos and – voila! Your custom wedding photo album is all done! No need to bother creating background decorations ’cause they’re here already. Still, it’s up to you to decide which ones to use. Also, you’ll need to adjust the size and pick the colors. This can all be done real fast. To make it even faster please refer to my post about PS Brushes shortcuts.

So, if you’d like to accept this challenge, I prepared a real big collection of Photoshop brushes for you to select from. 158 of them. And here is what this package contains:

  1. Hearts Photoshop Brushes Set, 32 brushes, $9.99 | [preview]
  2. Swirls Floral Photoshop Brushes Set, 42 brushes, $9.99 | [preview]
  3. Swirled Frames Photoshop Brushes Set, 18 brushes, $9.99 | [preview]
  4. Swirled Corners Photoshop Brushes Set, 20 brushes, $9.99 | [preview]
  5. Designs Photoshop Brushes Set, 30 brushes, $9.99 | [preview]

special edition Photoshop Brushes: Wedding set

Total value of these sets (if bought separately) would be $49.95

Then I created one special set of 16 brushes, added to the bunch [preview] and decided to give it away for free!

And, in the end, I thought I’d make it a special offer and sell it all together for $39.99
How about that for a deal?

I knew you’ll like it!

Get your $49.95 bundle + 16 bonus Photoshop brushes at the reduced price: $39.99 –> here ->

* For those of you who don’t have Photoshop, you can still use this package. With a little help from THIS SOFTWARE you can export the brushes into .png format and use them in any other photo editing software. Paint Shop Pro, Gimp (which is free), or … just any, because they all work with .png formats.

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