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Spring Flourish and Some General Thoughts On New Beginnings

Spring Flourish and Some General Thoughts On New Beginnings

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I don’t know about you guys, but the weather in my part of the world has been nothing like spring so far. I haven’t seen a “S” of the spring, until today that is. The whole March was snow, cold, blizzards… April did not start much better and I decided to call for the spring in my own way.

By creating a Photoshop brush of course. Finally, I managed to complete and publish the April edition of the Cats Magazine, which is my other passion and it was time to go back to my first passion which is, of course, graphic design, or Photoshop brushes – to be more precise.

Anyways, I decided to do two things:

  1. Create, again, something free for GBG Platinum members
  2. Invite spring to finally show up

And, voila! Spring Flourish Photoshop brushes are here!

Spring Flourish Photoshop Brushes

For all of you, Platinum members of GBG, thank you again and please feel free to help yourself with these brushes. I hope you will enjoy them. For you Ms. Spring, the time has come to wake up and get over here! You should have been here since 20th of March already!


Now, spring is not just about the sun and the end of the winter. There is so much more to spring. For instance, Easter is being celebrated in spring. This is the time when life beats death. In winter the nature is still. Not really dead, but it looks quite dead, still … naked black trees, no leafs, no flowers, no sun after all (or rare sun should I say). And, the spring marks new beginnings. Nature arises from the dead and it’s life starts to flourish again.

For us, humans, we see it as a time of hope. We see symbolism in this “awakening” of the nature. Somehow, we oftentimes project this phenomenon on our own lives. Say, we had difficult times in our life, we lost someone, or we experienced the end in some area of our lives, the end of job, for instance, the end of relationship, something died inside of us with it too.

But, then we see the nature around us, how it is awakening from the dead, how life prevails, how it starts all over again and it is kind of comforting for us, because we look up to it and we have the reason to believe that we can’t do the same in our own lives. We can start all over. New sun is arising, warm weather is coming, winter is conquered, we can start new again.

So, spring is very important to us. It proves that new beginnings are possible, every year, over and over again, new beginnings are happening around us and there is not reason not to believe that new beginnings are possible in our lives too.

So, my dear readers, I wish to finish this blog post by wishing you a very happy new beginnings, whatever you are starting something mew, and no matter how hard it seems sometimes, look up to nature and see how possible it is, how imminent it is –  to start again after the time of stillness.

Winter is over. Springtime is coming :) Today is a beautiful day!

Love you all,



Against All Odds: March Edition of The Cats Magazine Is Out!

Against All Odds: March Edition of The Cats Magazine Is Out!

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Now, again, I learned about the importance of enjoying what you do! You have no idea, I surely did not have any, on what kind of work stands behind an magazine issue! If I was not a passionate cat lover and if I was not truly enjoying this whole project of mine, I’d drop it right now.

And again, I remember good old Confucius, when he said:

“Find what you enjoy doing and you won’t have to work again.”

Now, dear Confucius, this is not entirely true :) but it’s not far from it either.

Poofah #cat #chat #ilovemycat #ilovecats #cats...

Poofah The Cats Magazine model


Anyways, I will not bother you with details on The Cats Magazine project, but, if any of you is looking into possibility to start their own magazine or team up with someone to do so, I will just say that finally I found a good publisher which I can recommend.  They are MagETC, they provide excellent support, I make the magazine in Adobe InDesign and Adobe DPS. After months of searching this turned out to work best for me.

And, now finally I can also talk about using Photoshop brushes. Of course I was using my brushes to decorate The Cats Magazine. OK. Let’s make one thing clear: Adobe InDesign does not support Photoshop brushes in their native format. However, nothing can stop you from converting Photoshop brushes to .PNG and using the .PNG in InDesign :)

So, here is one more reason why Photoshop brushes are cool!

Here is one example of using the shape extracted from Photoshop brush in magazine design:

If you are, by any chance, a cat lover, here is what’s offered in the latest edition of The Cats Magazine. If you have iPad, iPhone or Kindle, give it a try :) I’m sure you will enjoy it.

If you are, by any chance, a business owner who would consider advertising in The Cats Magazine, by all means, send me an email to silvia (at) bsilvia (dotty:) com or contact me via LinkedIn.

OK. I think this is it for now.

Love you all folks,


Photoshop Brushes for Infographics

Photoshop Brushes for Infographics

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Hi gang!
It’s been … how long? Two months. I can’t believe it. Back in the old days I used to write, like 2 – 4 posts every week. But, well, times changed. I don’t know about you, but this economic crisis hit me full swing. My usual business went down and, at some point, I had to turn out for some other sources of, well, finance. So, what I did? I became a hired writer. I mean writing is my second passion, so it wasn’t that hard to do.
Although, of course, my first and the only love are Photoshop brushes, graphics and visual arts.

Sometimes, we all need to make comprises.

Oh! One other thing I wanted to share with you. I noticed that despite of the fact that I haven’t done almost any new posts on my blog for last several months, this site still gets a lot of visitors. Well, I guess it’s the old glory. I did make plenty of free downloads, tutorials, Photoshop brushes, even funny and entertaining posts since 2007… does this sound like I’m bragging? Sorry. I won’t do any more bragging any more. And I won’t do any less for that matter :))
Just kidding.

So, where was I?
Ah, infographics. I don’t know if you noticed, but infographics became very very popular these days. It seems like everyone wants to create infographics. So, being helpful as I always was (ups! bragging again… sorry.) I figured why don’t I make Photoshop brushes which will be useful for Infographics? If you are in design business, I am sure you will find them useful. I mean, of course, these Photoshop brushes will be useful for any design project of course, but when I was creating them, Infographics was what I had in mind. The final use is up to you.

Photoshop Brushes for Infographics

Download Photoshop Brushes for Infographics

Now, they will not come in this post. This post is just to say “Hi!” after a long time, wish, probably, myself a welcome back home to my blog, thank you for visiting and announce the Infographics Photoshop brushes. In addition, it would be nice if you let me know if this is a good idea or not. Somehow I believe that this is a good idea, but still, it would be nice to know how you feel about it. Or, do you have some other idea? What kind of Photoshop brushes (or shapes for that matter) would you like to see.

But, I will also, add a small add-on to this post so it doesn’t turn you you’re just reading this for no reason :)) (except for fun ;)).

Since we did touch a topic of Infographics at the beginning of this article, ladies and gentleman, in this article I bring you Photoshop brushes for Inforgraphics. I hope you will enjoy this download.

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Water Photoshop Brushes Set

Water Photoshop Brushes Set

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Here is some good news for GBG Platinum members!

Now, just before we go on to the nice addition for GBG Platinum members, here is a little reminder on what do GBG Platinum members get? (Apart from 24 PREMIUM Photoshop brushes from GBG Shop which is $239,76 value)

Well, apart from that and apart from all brushes and downloads which are available to free GBG membership and all brushes and downloads which are available to GBG Gold members, there is a special GBG Platinum members download area and here is what’s inside ->

As most of you already know, GBG Platinum members have the privilege of downloading and using (for commercial purposes as well) PREMIUM Photoshop brushes which are not available for sale anywhere else . Now, what does this mean? This means that not many people can have those and this will add to the uniqueness of your design,  scrap-book, photo-book or any other project you have in mind.

Ladies and gentleman, let me present you

Water Photoshop Brushes Set

Full name: Water Splashes and Water Bubbles Photoshop Brushes Set

Set includes:

  • 15 High-definition Photoshop brushes for your Commercial and Non-commercial projects
  • Compatible with all Photoshop versions from Photoshop 7.0 to the latest Photoshop CS6
  • Compatible with PC and Mac/Apple
  • Can be converted for GIMP too ->

Water Photoshop Brushes Set

As I said, I created those from my own photos (some of you know that I am a professional photographer too) so there are no copyright issues, you get the license with the purchase, so use them as you like.

If you would like to buy photos instead (or if you would like to buy photos too) here is the link ->

Water drops and bubbles Photoshop brushes set

In addition, I prepared a video and uploaded to YouTube and it shows how to use Water Splashes and Water Bubbles Photoshop Brushes Set:

OK. That’s it. I hope you enjoyed the post, the video, or at least the music in the video :) (I do hope that you learned something new along the way).

Click here to find out more about GBG Membership program ->

Love you all, stay cool and have fun creating!



2013. calendar Photoshop Brushes Set (And Space Aliens)

2013. calendar Photoshop Brushes Set (And Space Aliens)

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Gang, I know, it’s been a while since I made new Photoshop brushes set. It’s been a while.

And, finally, again, after a long time (can’t really go back to check when exactly did I made my last commercial Photoshop brushes set), I can proudly announce yet another product from my little factory of miracles (ok, not really miracles, but i just like the sound of that word ;))

After all, we all need miracles sometimes.

OK. Without further ado, ladies and gentleman, brothers, sisters I proudly present you:

2013 calendar Photoshop Brushes Set 2013 Calendar Photoshop brushes set (312 – 36, US version) + 36 PNGs

12 brushes in three designs and three sizes:
* up to 683 pixels @300dpi
* up to 1189 pixels @300dpi
* up to 2475 pixels @300dpi

36 transparent PNG files (approx. size 8 inches @300 dpi)

Compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, PaintShopPro, GIMP, Paint.NET

Commercial use OK!

Preview 2013 Calendar Photoshop brushes set  2013 Calendar Photoshop brushes set (3x12 - 36, US version) + 36 PNGs

NOTE: Calendar weeks start on SUNDAY. US standard.

Those of you who follow me on Facebook  you already knew this was coming as some of you got a chance to Beta test them..

Thank you Jeanne and Erica! (Please send me your wishes so that I can send you your free set.)

Anyways, the set is here, tested, verified, “bullet proof”, you can completely and totally rely on it for 2013. Some of you might think it’s too early? Some of you might think “What’s the point when the end of the world is here…” etc …

But, I tell you what. What if, just before the end of the world comes, aliens come to pick us up? And then, we find ourselves over there in space ships without Photoshop brushes for 2013.? Do you REALLY want that to happen? Now, don’t tell me “You will have it” Maybe I will and maybe I won’t. It’s always good that more of us have it.

So, I guess I was convincing enough. :)))

(Thanks God my brushes are good enough, otherwise I’d never sell anything with my “convincing” copy :)))

Also, here is some stuff I made with it.

2013 calendar Photoshop Brushes Set

2013 calendar Photoshop Brushes Set

2013 calendar Photoshop Brushes Set

So, I hope you will like the post and the brushes. Stay well and enjoy the weekend!




Check this out! I just found out how to apply huge images to Facebook Page :))

Happy Sunday Facebook Page Design

Making Cool 3D Graphics With Photoshop brushes

Making Cool 3D Graphics With Photoshop brushes

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Gang, as you know, Photoshop brushes can be used in a huge variety of ways. They are mostly used by

  1. graphic designers,
  2. scrap books enthusiasts and professionals alike,
  3. photographers for their photo books …
  4. even fashion and textile designers contacted me to tell me how much they appreciated my brushes in their works
  5. not to mention how we even decorated a Mercedes Smart car once

But, I don’t think I ever demonstrated how Photoshop brushes can be used to make cool 3D graphics.

Floral 3D effect

And I don’t need to.

Simply because Graphic.Fabulog made a great tutorial on how to make col 3D graphics and he used my Photoshop brushes Swirls and Circles

So, here is the link to tutorial ->

And here is the link to brushes used in the tutorial ->

I liked the graphic he made a lot and I hope you will like it too (and tutorial naturally).



Swirled Squares Design Elements (introduced by Meoki)

Swirled Squares Design Elements (introduced by Meoki)

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Hi, this is not Silvia speaking.

I’m Meoki.

Black&White, up-side-down cat holding “Special Offers” board, look here, a little bit up on the right side ->

Silvia decided that she needs some rest (and believe me – she does) and asked me if I could do the post and introduce brand new Photoshop brushes she created for her GBG Platinum Members.

Sure“, I said. As if I had anything else to do except holding that “Special Offers” board all day long (I go away at night but sssshhh! Don’t tel her.)

Why did you put me up-side-down, by the way?” I asked her.  “It’s a good thing that I am just a cartoon, otherwise all my blood would end up in my head. Not good …

Because” she said, “I red somewhere, that people will notice you more easily that way.


Anyways, she be gone (sends “hugs and kisses everyone”), I’m here, so bear with me (you could beer with me as well. If you click on the “Special Offers” board and get yourself some nice discounted brushes, vectors, etc … :))

Anyways, it’s Tuesday, and Silvia wanted to dedicate every Tuesday to her GBG Platinum members, by giving them a little …. well … gift! So, this Tuesday, she prepared

Swirled Squares Design Elements (Photoshop brushes, or Digital stamps as some call it)

Swirled Squares consists of 12 brushes in two sizes  (as usual to prevent overstretching and keep the quality top-notch) and two design styles: clean and grungy.

| Preview Swirled Squares Photoshop brushes set |

These brushes are available only to GBG Platinum Members (free download).

More info about GBG subscription packages –>>

OK. That was easy. If you want you can become GBG Platinum member. It is a pretty good deal. GBG Platinum members get

24 PREMIUM Photoshop brushes sets ($9.99 each, $239,76 value)


all Gold GBG Members downloads


1 year subscription to all new GBG Members downloads (like this one)

+ Loads of other stuff, don’t know them all by heart but you can find out more about GBG Membreships here ->


Thank you for your attention. Meoki over and out!

Photoshop brushes and memories, burning, gold memories...

Photoshop brushes and memories, burning, gold memories…

Memories, burning, gold memories …

This is from one old Simple Minds song, back in the 80’s. Not many people remember that.

Well… anyways.

By the way, I don’t know about you my blogs gets tons of spam messages daily (spammy comments), and mostly are pharmacy related! And what is most interesting – I receive about 50-80 comments for prescription and non-prescription drugs! Can you imagine? Pffff…!!!

And what’s really bothers me is that I don’t have the time to check them all out one by one (through my spam comment folder), so the only option is to delete them all together. Now, when I think back, I figure it’s even possible that there were some nice friendly comments in my spam folder, but since I got rid of all comments in my spam folder, I guess I’ll never now! Hopefully, there was just spam there.

Ok, back to memories. This is really cool for scrap booking. I mean it’s cool for all kinds of graphic design projects as well, but scrap booking is kinda all about memories .

So, this time I prepared a brand new frames and I gave them the weirdest  name ever :)

Circled Memories Photo Frames

These are in form of Photoshop brushes (digital stamps) and transparent PNG files.

All packed in one nice zip file which is available in my little shop for $9.99 only and it includes commercial license!

* 25 circled photo frames

* three sizes for  55 – 3,53,5 – 2,52,5 inches photos

* 25 transparent PNG files (for 3,53,5 inches photos) in this pack too.

| Preview Photoshop brushes: Circled Memories Photo Frames |

| Buy Photoshop brushes: Circled Memories Photo Frames for $9.99 only |

Hey! Do you know that Platinum GBG members get Circled Memories Photo frames LITE Photoshop brushes for free?

Also, if you are Platinum GBG Member you can get small versions of those cute picture frames for free:

Circled Memories Photo Frames LITE Photoshop brushes (digital stamps) set  – set of 3 brushes!

| Preview Circled Memories Photo Frames Photoshop brushes (digital stamps) lite free set |

Use them well, use them often :) And please, do not hesitate to show me how you applied them in your own designs!

Have fun creating,

Doodle Birdies Digital Stamps for GBG Members

Doodle Birdies Digital Stamps for GBG Members

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Yes, it’s Tuesday! And you probably know by now that Tuesday is the day for new Photoshop brushes (digital stamps) for GBG members. For this Tuesday I prepared

Doodle Birdies Digital Stamps

This set includes 8 stamps (brushes) in two sizes free download for GBG Silver, Gold and Platinum members!

It is compatible with Photoshop 7.0 up to CS5, Photoshop Elements 3.0 up to newer versions, Paint.NET, Gimp and  Paint Shop Pro! Commercial license included.

| Preview Doodle Birdies Digital Stamps |

They can be used in their original state:

Doodle Birdies Digital Stamps

Or, you might want to color them:

Doodle Birdies Digital Stamps

So, all GBG Gold and Platinum members can get them now for free HERE

If you are not a member you can register here

Hey, that’s not all! Please hurry and submit your images for our 2010 Summer Competition until 20th of August! Read more about the competition here. Everyone can apply :)

Let me remind you, 1st prize is GBG Platinum membership, $160,00 value!

Have fun creating,

August 2010. Desktop Wallpaper Calendar

August 2010. Desktop Wallpaper Calendar

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August. Yes, it is here – the hottest month of the year!

I made this August Desktop Wallpaper Calendar for a monthly competition on Smashing Magazine, and they accepted it! (thank you guys)

My theme was nature, but not just usual nature visualization but “Nature’s dream” – well, at least I thought what nature’s dream might look like in August.

This wallpaper can be downloaded on Smashing Magazine and it is available in two different versions: with calendar and without calendar!

However, there are loads of high quality Photoshop brushes (w/commercial license) available in my little Shop of Wonders :) so feel free to visit ->

Desktop Wallpaper Calendar - July 2010

Desktop Wallpaper Calendar – July 2010


June is almost finished and July is knocking at our doors. Are you enjoying this Summer?

We moved into our new, still not fully furnished house (kitchen still missing), and it’s nice to be surrounded by trees and flowers. It is especially nice not to need the heating ;) Poofah and Peacco are still adapting to the new environment, but, all in all, all is fine.

(This is Poofah and Peacco on the widnow. Photo effect by Hipstamatic for iPhone)

Now, where was I?

Ah, the July wallpaper calendar. This is one of the photos I made for various micro stock agencies where I sell my photos and I figured, why not use it for July 2010 wallpaper calendar. And here it is.

  1. 1024×768 [DOWNLOAD July 2010 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper]
  2. 1280×960 [DOWNLOAD July 2010 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper]
  3. 1600×1200 [DOWNLOAD July 2010 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper]
  4. 1680×1050 [DOWNLOAD July 2010 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper]
  5. 1920×1200 [DOWNLOAD July 2010 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper]

Apart from the photo of tomatoes under water, to make this one I used the following Photoshop brushes:

  1. Swirls Floral brushes set (42+42) Second Edition + 42 PNG files
  2. Lightworks Photoshop Brushes set (61)
  3. 2010 Calendar Photoshop brushes set (312 – 36, US version)

Those can be bought in my little shop for $9.99 only! Commercial use included.

OK.  I hope you will like the calender and we’ll talk soon. I have one birthday card and envelope to show you :)


Photoshop brushes and Rubber Stamps

Photoshop brushes and Rubber Stamps

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Whenever, someone buys 800+ Photoshop brushes MEGA SET I offer additional free SPECIAL brush as a sign of gratitude to those who let me know how did they find me.

And I am thankful to all of you who replied. But, more often than not, many buyers also tell me why did thy buy that set. Now, that’s how I learned that many of my buyers are in Rubber Stamps business.

That is why it is important to them that my Photoshop brushes come with the commercial license (“Photoshop brushes CU OK”)

I did some investigation on Rubber stamps on the net and it seems like there is a money earning opportunity in Rubber Stamping. One way to make money with it is to create greeting cards for all kind of occasion, other one is to sell the rubber stamps. These brushes are not just used for Rubber stamps or greetings cards.  They are also used for creation of customized gift items, such as bags or similar.

Number of  independent rubber stamp designers are making money with their stamps (created with CU Photoshop brushes), and this number is growing. They sell their products via Etsy or similar web sites.

One of the main advantages is that even complete beginners achieve great results with rubber stamps in a very short time.

So, for those of you who are still not sure, I fully support all kinds of business ventures anyone comes up with, and I am always delighted to hear success stories, especially when my brushes had a role to play. If you are considering buying 800+ Photoshop brushes  MEGA SET, you can rest assure that you are allowed use them for your business ventures, whatever they are, as long as you don’t just repackage the brushes and sell them as brushes again.

OK. That’s it for today.

Love you all and, as always, never never forget, have fun creating, because whatever you do, it will always turn out well if you had fun doing it.


8 Stunning Photoshop Text Effects!

8 Stunning Photoshop Text Effects!


Before I start - Yes, there is a freebie too down below in this post :)

As most of you already know, so far I was creating Photoshop brushes, vectors, backgrounds, textures, scrapbook kits, greeting cards and other designers little helpers to make sure you have fun working on your commercial and non-commercial projects in Photoshop.

And I intend to continue to do so in the future.

Having said that, ladies and gentleman, it is my great pleasure (and honor) today (gee … I’m so excited! It took me a while to create these and I am so happy with the results!!!) please let me to present you the latest product from my little factory of magic

Special Text Effexts for Photoshop

(8 stunning effects)

Simply the best, quickest and the funniest way to create special text effects in Photoshop.

1. “Baby” Photoshop text effect

2. “Colorful” Photoshop text effect

3. “Golden” Photoshop text effect

4. “Grunge” Photoshop text effect

5. “Metal” Photoshop text effect

6. “Snow” Photoshop text effect

7. “Space” Photoshop text effect

8. “Water” Photoshop text effect

And, as always, I had to make sure you’ll be able to start working with them in no time, so I prepared a short video tutorial which will show you how to use Photoshop text effect pack.

All PSD files in the box are in 36003600 pix (1212 inches) @300 dpi, which means the text effects are print ready so you can use them not just for web but also for your print projects.

Do I need to mention that they are ok for commercial use too? Well, yes they are. By all means, use them in your commercial projects.

This PSD files are fully editable in Photoshop CS4 and newer versions (CS5 of course). I am not sure if they work with CS, CS2 or CS3 this still needs to be tested out. However, if you have some of these versions just get the freebie and test before you buy the full package.

Of course, should you run into any issues using it please email me or post a comment so I can help you out!

Now, as I said, one of the text effects presented in this post is a FREEBIE.

But I won’t tell you which one – hehehe! (??? I see some question marks over there …:))

You will have to find the freebie yourself. Link is in this post, but it’s hidden.

What!? I had to make you do something for a freebie innit? :))

Anyways, I am sure you found the freebie download link in no time.

Now, as far as the fonts are concerned, you can use these effects with any fonts.

Some of the fonts I used are free like Deftone Stylus from, some aren’t. Here is the list in case you were wondering about the names of fonts used in the pack (as I said you are not limited when it comes to fonts, just use any font you like):

  • Deftone Stylus
  • Curetana
  • Pt Banana Split
  • Elephant
  • Segoe
  • Distro Black
  • Stencil Std
  • Air Conditioner
  • Times New Roman

To get get the full package, 8 stunning Photoshop text effects, web and print ready with commercial license included and have fun making crazy effects in Photoshop in no time – just click on the box or “Buy it now” button. The price is only $6.00 and fun, including great results, is guaranteed :)

$6.00 is pizza (or maybe even two, depending on the pizza place, size and ingredients), you eat pizza, get fat and you know what happens to pizza next. This package won’t make you fat (guaranteed)! It will bring fun, it will stay with you forever, you will learn something new with it, you’ll make useful stuff which others will like and it can also help you make some money.


And, of course, I am always here should you need any help or support.




Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have anything against pizza. I just hate it that it makes me fat.

Summer Vacation Photoshop Brushes: Birthday Card by Mojca

Summer Vacation Photoshop Brushes: Birthday Card by Mojca

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Buying a present for a friend, when they have a birthday is, of course, nice and appreciated.

But when you take the time, effort and love to create something unique, something that’s made just for them and for them only, now that’s, and I think you will agree – really special!

And that’s exactly what Mojca did for her friend.

I was so glad to see that Mojca used my Photoshop brushes (Summer Vacation Corners)!!

She crated a folded birthday card and I am happy to present it here on my blog:

1. Cover of the card

2. Inside of the card

3. And the back of the card, with Graphics-Illustrations.Com url, yeeepeee!

Mojca also made an envelope:

… great work!

Summer Vacation Corners Photoshop Brushes set is available to GBG Silver, Gold and Platinum Members for Free, so if you are not a memberyou can join GreenBulbGang.Com here

| Preview Summer Vacation Corners Photoshop Burshes set |

In addition to the above mentioned Photoshop brushes pack, I  also prepared extended .png, .ai and .eps pack (which also includes Photoshop brushes .abr files).

This one is free for – Platinum GBG Members. The name of the pack is Special Mini Pack: Summer Vacation Corners (abr, png, ai, eps).

For the rest of you guys, this Special Mini ummer Vacation Corners Special pack is available in Graphics-Illustrations.Com Shop for $6.50.

| Preview Summer Vacation Corners Special Pack (abr, png, ai, eps) |

Stay well, and remember – always have fun creating!

Using Photoshop Brushes in Web And Graphic Design

Using Photoshop Brushes in Web And Graphic Design

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Most of you already know how indispensable Photoshop brushes are when it comes to web and graphic design.

Examples of their use are everywhere. In this post I will show you how I used them to modify the original WordPress theme of this site and create something completely different.

Of course, for all modifications I used my own PREMIUM Photoshop brushes that are also available for sale in my little Photoshop brushes shop.

Don’t worry, commercial license is included with all brushes so you can use them in your commercial projects.


First I changed the background and here is what Photoshop brushes did I use and where:

Grunge Stars, Custom and Splatters – Lite edition Photoshop brushes sets are available for FREE if you join GreenBulbGang.Com community.

Find these brushes in Graphics-Illustrations.Com Shop:

Also, to create the background I used the following:

Stickers, Lite edition Photoshop brushes set is available for FREE if you join GreenBulbGang.Com community.

Find these brushes in Graphics-Illustrations.Com Shop:


And here is how I used them to create banners:

So, to create banners I used:

As you can see, Photoshop brushes come really handy when you need to do web graphics.

I’d say, really really handy.

Of course, if you are into web or graphic design, or if you are planning to get into it, or just staring up, I would recommend one all-round, HUGE Photoshop brushes package and yes, that’s 800+ MEGA SET Photoshop Brushes I’m talking about!

These come with Commercial License, in a form of digital download, so you get to use them immediately right after the purchase.

Find out more about 800+ Photoshop brushes MEGA SET here ->

June 2010 Desktop Wallpaper Calendar + New Free Photoshop Brush Set (Happy Doodles)

June 2010 Desktop Wallpaper Calendar + New Free Photoshop Brush Set (Happy Doodles)

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June is here and the time has come for our traditional monthly desktop wallpaper calendar.

This one comes with a free Photoshop brushes set

~~~~ Happy Doodles ~~~~

which I created and used to make this wallpaper calendar.

| PREVIEW Happy Doodles Photoshop brushes set (10) |

| DOWNLOAD Happy Doodles Photoshop brushes set (10) |

Note: Sorry, 5 days subscription free download offer expired. Download is now available after joining GBG. Please read about our free download policy and join our GBG for more free downloads. Thanks!

First I made some doodles sketches and then I thought to myself:

Why not create a wallpaper monthly calendar?! It’s beginning of the June already anyway!

So, here it is:

~~~~ June 2010. Desktop Wallpaper Calendar ~~~~

(made with Happy Doodles PS Brushes)

All in one go. I hope you will like it and enjoy it!

There are 5 different dimensions of June 2010 Desktop Wallpaper Calendar as follows:

  1. 1024×768 [DOWNLOAD June 2010 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper]
  2. 1280×960 [DOWNLOAD June 2010 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper]
  3. 1600×1200 [DOWNLOAD June 2010 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper]
  4. 1680×1050 [DOWNLOAD June 2010 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper]
  5. 1920×1200 [DOWNLOAD June 2010 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper]

And here are some Happy Doodles Photoshop Brushes!

Now, all you need to so is be happy when using them, stop by my Graphics-Illustrations.Com Shop or join me at GBG – because these brushes will here only for 5 days. After 5 days Happy Doodles Photoshop brushes will be transferred over to GBG Members Site at the eternal disposal to GBG Gold and Platinum Members. There they will join a whole bunch of other Photoshop brushes which are free for GBG Gold and Platinum Members.

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Last month we had really cool Desktop Wallpaper Calendar created with Dandelions Photoshop brushes set.

| Preview Dandelions PS brushes set here|

You can get Dandelions Photoshop brushes if you become Silver, Gold or Platinum GBG Members –  or you can get them for $3.50 (only)  in Graphics-Illustrations.Com Shop!

Using Summer Corners Photoshop brushes

Using Summer Corners Photoshop brushes

Gang, a few days ago I introduced the brand new Photoshop brushes set – Corners (link) (Ideal for Summer Vacation related  photo cards, digital scrapbooks or commercial designs).

As I promised, I these will be freely available for few more days and then they will be moved to Silver, Gold and Platinum GBG Members downloads repository.

For today, I prepared a little video presentation of these brushes, so if you are interested to see what they look like in action – there you go:

| Preview them Summer Vacation Corners, Digital Stamps – Photoshop Brushes |

| Download Summer Vacation Corners, Digital Stamps – Photoshop Brushes |

Update: Sorry, 5 days subscription free download offer expired. Download is now available after joining GBG. Please read about our free download policy and join our GBG for more free downloads. Thanks!

And … well, what can I say

Enjoy your weekend!

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Once upon a time in a land far far away I was a part of the team which was illustrating and animating Canadian Cartoon “The Little Flying Bears”.

And the other day, I found that they listed me in the IMDB!

Wooooo … that’s kinda cool …

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