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How to Use Scrapbook Page Kits: Grunge Love; Tutorial

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Many of you used the opportunity to get the Grunge Love Scrapbook Set for free by buying my latest Photoshop brush Floral Shapes (the offer is still on the table :). Therefore, many of you got a hold on scrapbook kit for the first time and I receive many questions on how to use that kit.

That is why I decided to prepare a tutorial for all of you who are scrapbooking beginners, I’m gonna make a scrapbook dedicated to my sister Nina who I love very much.

So, here is the step-by-step tutorial on usage of the scrapbooking kit Grunge Love!

1. Start Photoshop and open one of the background files provided in „Scrapbook Page Kit: Grunge Love”. In this tutorial I used “bgr4.jpg”.

2. Choose the photos you want to use in this scrapbook page. Since I am dedicated this scrapbook to my sister, I used her photo (these funny photos are taken with fish eye lens.)

3. Drag and drop this photo to a layer above the background and open one of the frames (“png” files – transparent). Drag and drop the frame (in this case “frame01.png” from Scrapbook Page Kit: Grunge Love) to the layer above the photo. Align it and scale so that it fits.

4. If you want to work with corners separately, select the one you want to move with “Rectangular Marquee Tool” and move it around, or cut out the photo to fit the frame. (Tip: using simple Rectangular Marquee Tool or Polygonal Lasso Tool surround the frame corner and, while holding Ctrl key, press arrow keys up and down. Now the corner is selected. :))

5. Add another photo and add another frame. Now, you can rotate the photo and the corners (all layers) together (except for the background, you don’t want to rotate background). So, select the layers with photos and corners by holding the “Ctrl” key (Press Ctrl, hold it down and click on layers one by one until all layers are selected). Now press Ctrl+T for Free Transform and rotate the selected layers for, say, 15 degrees. Hit Enter once you’re done.

6. Now you can use one or two (or more) heart symbols. I went for heart with wings. Rotate them for 15 degree too.

7. Open the “loveLetters.png” file (also from Scrapbook Page Kit: Grunge Love) and add letters at the layer above.

8. Add one symbol in the background (just above the background layer), for example you can choose “heartTransparent.png” (from the same Scrapbook Page Kit). Use layer blend modes and select “Multiply”…

9. That’s it!

As you can see it’s quite simple. Everything you need is included in the kit (except for the photo of my sister :))

So, if you still haven’t, you can still get this kit for free when you purchase Photoshop Brushes – Floral Shapes ($9.99). Or you can get Grunge Love Scrapbook Kit individually for $4.99.

Have fun creating!


This package is quite heavy – 44Mb. This is because all images are in highest resolution 12″x12″ at 300dpi for those of you who want to print it in a professional way. I’m saying this because the download might take long especially for those of you who don’t have high-speed broadband Internet connection.

What Really Matters?

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It’s hard to say it in words. So, I said it with this little graphic. I wanted to express my understaning of what really matters. Through symbols, words, shapes and colors. Probably we should turn this blog into a visual one. Less words and more images. Or maybe those two forfill each other? Anyway, I hope you like it. I did it with Hearts Photoshop Brushes Set.

Graphic made with Hearts PS Brushes Set

Enjoy your day!

Scrapbooking Tutorial: Children in Spring

Springtime scrapbookHi Gang! It’s been a while and I feel totally bad about not writing for so long (5 days!). And many things have happened in the meantime.

We had technical issues with our WordPress blog, then we upgraded it to the latest 2.5 version, then we had some more technical issues – BUT it is all resolved now!!!! (Thank you Nickola from Siteground! You’ve been a great help and support in a tough times!)

So, we’re up and running again and it is my great pleasure to introduce our first guest writer:

Lauren from Creative Curio

Lauren has been in the graphic design industry since 2003 and currently runs Creative Curio, a graphic design focused blog. Scrapbooking has been her hobby since around the same time, and she loves this no-pressure creative outlet. Therefore, she didn’t think twice when we asked her if she would like to write about scrapbooking.

So, if you’d like to find out how was the scrapbook image above done check out  Scrapboking tutorial: Children in Spring –> by Lauren from Creative Curio.

Circled Hearts - A Brand New Set of Photoshop Brushes!

Circled Hearts – A Brand New Set of Photoshop Brushes!

Hello you Photoshop junkies! I don’t know about you but I haven’t slept much last night. And here is the reason why.

I was making a brand new, yet unseen, absolutely fresh Photohop brushes set that I named: Circled hearts.

As usual they come in two editions:

1. LITE Circled Hearts Photoshop brushes set edition, 6 brushes in a set (available in 2 sizes! Photoshop 7.0, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5 compatible.) Subscription-free download will be available for the next 5 days! – over!

Join GBG and get free downloads!

LITE Hearts - circles Photoshop brushes set edition, 6 brushes in a set

2. PREMIUM Circled hearts Photoshop brushes edition – 40 brushes in a set (also available in 2 sizes! Photoshop 7.0, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5 compatible.)

PREMIUM Hearts - circles Photoshop brushes edition - 40 brushes in a set Buy Now!

PayPal and Credit Card payments accepted!

As usual, next thing you know, I’ll present some new graphics and tutorials based on this new Photoshop brushes set!

Slogan of the day: Don’t watch TV. Create!

Hearts Photoshop brushes set (Photoshop 7.0 brushes)

Hearts Photoshop brushes set (Photoshop 7.0 brushes)

It’s never enough when it comes to Photoshop brushes – so, here is more of them!

Especially when it comes to such an inspiring event as it is on Valentine’s day. Loads and loads of Valentine’s related graphics is being produced daily. Loads of Valentine’s brushes is being applied on all kinds of media. From web, of course, to magazines, newspapers all the way to t-shirts, mugs, caps, etc… etc…

So, what do I do (apart from talking to my self)?
I do more brushes!

And what do I do with them?
I give them to you!

And why?
Because I’m on medication! :)

So, your mission of today: Click – Download – Create
’nuff said! :)

Join GBG and get Photoshop brushes: Hearts set – 8 brushes – lite edition, free download

[ PREVIEW LITE Free Hearts (8) PS Brushes set HERE ]

Hearts Photoshop brushes set

[ PREVIEW Premium Hearts (32) PS Brushes set HERE ]

GET THEM NOW: Photoshop brushes: Hearts set – 32 brushes – premium edition

Grunge Hearts Photoshop brushes set

Have fun creating!
S :)



Just getting started with Kubota Action Hero’s Secret Formula? This is the Pak to instantly power up your photography and start creating fabulous images in a flash! If you’re a hobbyist, enthusiast or Photoshop newbie, this is the place to start.

You’ve probably heard of Lord of the Rings and Magic Sharp – you’ll get them both with this Pak!

Get your feet wet with the Kubota Starter Pak and we reassure you, you’ll be immediately addicted to these image enhancement Actions and the DASHBOARD.

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Love hearts - Valentine's day Photoshop brush

Love hearts – Valentine’s day Photoshop brush

Join GreenBulbGang.Com and get my new free love hearts set of  Photoshop brushes for you to make your own Valentine’s Day illustration :)

Love hearts - Valentine's day Photoshop brush



Check this cute little Special Mini pack: Squared Love Word Art at my Graphics-Illustrations.Com Shop too :)

Special Mini pack: Squared Love Word Art

* 12 brushes in two sizes
* commercial license is, as always, included (so you can make money with them – no questions asked)
* 12 vector files: EPS
* 12 PNG transparent files
* Compatible with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Adobe Illustrator and more

Grunge Heart Brushes, Photoshop download

Grunge Heart Brushes, Photoshop download

Join GBG and download FREE grunge heart brushes, set of 23! Inspired by this beautiful blog by my friend Gretchen - I was :) (Yoda talk)

Grunge Hearts Photoshop brushes set

Now, really, heartaday is really a nice project and therefore I would like to dedicate this new photoshop brush to it.

Therefore, the theme of this brush – heart is. Download grunge heart brushes (I’ll have to think of some other theme else for Valentine’s day but what the heck)

Visit heartaday too, Gretchen is out to make 1001 pieces of heart-themed art using different media.

You can get another great Valentine’s Day Photoshop brushes set in my Graphics-Illustrations.Com Shop :)Heart Photoshop brushes Premium set

Set of 32 brushes (981-1801px) compatible with Photoshop 7.0, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5.

Video Tutorials (MP4) on how to use Hearts Photoshop Brushes Set (32):

How to Install and Use Hearts, grunge, Photoshop brushes set (32) – design a unique wedding invitation

How to Install and Use Hearts, grunge, Photoshop brushes set (32) – create a nice looking background

How to Install and Use Hearts, grunge, Photoshop brushes set (32) – design a wedding “Thank You ” card

How to Use Hearts Photoshop Brushes Set (32) – in Photoshop Elements 8.0

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