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What It All Comes Down To...

What It All Comes Down To…

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“…. is that everything’s gonna be quite all right.”

Do you like Alanis Morisette? I’m a fan. Her lyrics are awesome and the music, the music is just right. I wish we had more music artists making texts like that. And her style, 60’s and all (the long hair and simplicity), just reminded me on these days (no I was not born yet), these days, sixties, when everyone was talking about love and peace, they kind of inspire me.

That was a huge movement. And I kind of appreciate the idea the movement was standing for. It is universal. It’s spiritual and it’s inspiring. So, by now you guessed, today I want to share with you a “Tribute to 60’s” graphic.

It is a message of peace, love and, consequently, happiness. I guess peace and love are really the formula, main ingredients needed for happiness. So, I hope that this graphic will deliver the message I wanted to send. Personally, I loved it so much that this is something I’d send out to a sticker printing company to make me a sticker which I’d put on the car bumper. I can can already see how cool it would look on some old VW Beetle :)

sticker printing

It is a blog about graphics after all, but I hope you don’t mind me sharing some other thoughts, it is all interconnected after all.

Now, I am not sure if I am allowed to share Alanis Morisette video from YouTube on my blog (although everybody seems to be doing it), but, however, I strongly recommend listening to her “Hand In My Pocket” it just drives me all day and I hope it will make feel good too.

Now, back to sixties, what it all comes down to is that everything’s gonna be fine, fine, fine :))

I hope you will enjoy the “Tribute to 60’s” graphic – download zipped PSD here :)

Love you all!


Damask Patterns by Gordeee

Again, Gordeee from from “near Canterbury Kent the garden of England” shared with us with more great designs. Thank you Gordeee! You always give us more examples that demonstrate the power of Photoshop brushes.

This time, Gordee prepared Damask patterns using Floral Ornaments Art Nouveau (30+30) Photoshop brushes set.

Damask Patterns by Gordeee

Damask Patterns by Gordeee

And the final product, bookmarks cards from Gordeee. Damask patterns are used in combination with Retro Swirls Photoshop Brushes Set (18):

Damask Patterns by Gordeee, Bookmarks cards

Thank you Goreee, again, for sharing your great talent with us.

Keep them coming! Au revoir!


50% Discount on all of my Photoshop brushes

50% Discount on all of my Photoshop brushes

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Ever since I published 800+ Photoshop brushes MEGA Package I look to add more and more features and benefits to it – for my past and future buyers.

So today, I proudly announce

50% discount on all new Photoshop brushes sets

Who’s eligible for the discount?
Well, whoever decided or will decide to take the opportunity and get 800+ Photoshop brushes MEGA Package that includes 24 Photoshop brushes set’s for 1/2 the price.

How does it work?
Simple. Let’s say you buy the 800+ PS MEGA Package now. You get the download links, free bonuses and all that comes with it.

Since you are a MEGA Package buyer you will also receive a 50% coupon code for my future products.

With this one you will be able to use it on any or all of the brushes I create by the end of 2009.

So, to sum it all up, with 800+ PS Brushes MEGA Package, apart from 800+ Commercial free Photoshop brushes you get:

  • - free bonus: 1 add-on PS brushes set Photo Corners (20+20 Photoshop brushes)
  • - free bonus: 1 add-on Scrap book Kit – Grunge Love
  • - 50% bonus coupon code on Photoshop brushes that I create by the end of 2009.

And that’s it. One coupon code is already available for Floral Ornamets Art Nouveau.

Gang, love you all and speak soon!

Floral Shapes, Unique Fabric Design and Creativity

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Hello to all you creative minds!

Today, I wanted tell you about one great idea! It is all about being creative, making some great presents and even some money at the same time.

So, here it is:

Some three days ago, I was wandering around the Internet when I stumbled upon Spoonflower web site. Spoonflower offers creative people possibility to have their own designs on fabric for pillows, clothes, table clothes, bags…. and many other things.

Creating unique fabric design with Spoonflower is easy: make your own pattern, upload it to their web site, choose your preferred fabric size, make an order and wait. The fabric with your own unique design should be printed and shipped within 3 weeks.

Right now, they are in beta mode: that means that you can register and create an account only by invitation. But I managed, so there should be no problem at all.

If you know how to sew or make any clothes – you can use this to make some great and unique Christmas presents, or even sell some of your unique stuff! But if you don’t know, don’t worry – you can find some basics on the topic at and if you want to sew using sewing machine you can try this tips: How to Sew, using sewing machine.

One thing is for sure: Spoonflower offers you a great way to express yourself! And here it is my pattern sample:

Fabric design

Here, I used Vector Floral Shapes set (30) (now ON SALE!). These were used to create the pattern that’s  applied to fabric, so, my final product in 2 yards size (4272 inch) will look like this: [ PREVIEW MY UNIQUE FABRIC DESIGN ]. Out of this fabric I will make pillow covers!

So, feel free to use some of my Photoshop brushes or Vector sets to help you out in your new fabric designs!

That’s it for today!
Have fun creating!

P.S.: While I’m waiting for my unique fabric, you can browse through my catalog and find more useful tools for creating your own fabric designs :), also take a look at this special 50% OFF price on ALL Photoshop brushes!

Illustrator Brushes - Floral Shapes - Vector Set

Illustrator Brushes – Floral Shapes – Vector Set

People ask me questions. And I listen. And by popular demand, ladies and gentleman, I proudly present:

30 Illustrator Brushes and vectors

- Floral Shapes -

Vectors and Illustrator Brushes: Floral Shapes

So, what what’s in there, you’ll ask, in this new package?

Hold on to your chairs …. of course it contains Adobe Illustrator Brushes, but here is the complete list.

Adobe Illustrator Brushes - 30 Floral Shapes 30 brand new Floral Shapes come in:

  1. .ai (of course Adobe Illustrator brush, all CS versions)
  2. .eps format
  3. .cdr (Corel 8.0 up to X4)
  4. .psd (Photoshop 7.0 up to CS3)
  5. .png (so you can easily use them in any photo editing software)
  6. .ai (Vector format for Adobe Illustrator 8 onwards)

What can I say. You ask for it – I create. It’s my pleasure. (I know i still owe you some kittens brushes and they’re coming). As usual here are some FREE samples (available for the next 5 days without joining the GREEN BULB GANG) for those of you who just want to taste how much fun brushes in Adobe Illustrator can be. [ PREVIEW ] | [ DOWNLOAD available after joining the GREEN BULB GANG ].

For those of you who asked and already know the value of this package and what a time saver it is and how easy Illustrator brushes are to use and how easy it is to get great results using them here it is. The FULL package 30 Floral Adobe Illustrator Brushes for $14.99 in my little shop only! [ PREVIEW ] | [ BUY ].

It’s been a long day creating those, so for those of you who are still not familiar with using Adobe Illustrator Brushes, I will prepare a tutorial tomorrow! Here are just some quick hints:

1. Save the Brushes Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file to the Adobe Illustrator directory as follows:
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator **\Presets\Brushes
2. Start Adobe Illustrator
3. Press F5 to load the brushes

Did I mention that my brushes come with commercial free license? Use them in your commercial projects all you like!! :)

New Photoshop Brushes - Floral Shapes

New Photoshop Brushes – Floral Shapes

Gals’n’guys! It is my real pleasure, after a while, finally, to present you, directly from Graphics-Illustrations PS Brushes Factory, really really hot:

New Photoshop Brushes

- Floral Shapes -

New Photoshop Brushes   Floral Shapes

What can I say. I wanted to create kittens PS brushes, but different muse decided to land up on my shoulder tonight (I think it was Thalia, the blossoming one :)) It whispered to me ears: “Thou shall create Kitten brushes later. Thou shall do Floral Shapes now!”

And what could I do? I’m just an instrument in the hands of divine muses that conduct all art in the known and unknown universe. We need to obey them. Otherwise, they’re gone. And where would that leave us?

Floral Shapes, Photoshop Brushes set 37So, there be it. 37 brand new Floral Photoshop Brushes, high-resolution they’re here for you to use them commercially or non-commercially in your scrapbooks, wedding albums, all kinds of invitations and all kind of web or print graphics and illustrations. Incorporate them into your projects and make great designs. A real time saver for all professional and striving graphic artists!

For those of you who just want a taste of the new Floral Brushes, here is a free version of 6 brushes [ PREVIEW ]. No, you don’t have to subscribe to my sooper-dooper newsletter to download them. At least not for next 5 days. Become a member of GREEN BULB GANG here and get a FREE download –>

And for those of you who want to lay your hands on the full PRO version, get the FULL SET of 37 Brushes for $9,99 only [ PREVIEW ]! And that’s not all! There is an extra promo gift that comes with that brush! Scrapbook kit Grunge Love that includes:

* 4 custom background papers in red hues
* 3 frames, two Swirled and one with Hearts
* 1 wire / swirl
* 1 gold Heart with flowers and Swirls
* 1 brown-glass Heart with Swirls
* 1 brown Heart with Wings
* 1 aged Tag with Swirls
* 2 big Hearts with Swirls
* 1 “LOVE” sign: Grunge Letters with Swirls

And it’s a gift, meaning that it’s FREE! Full PRO version.

So, get your PRO copy of 37 Floral Shapes hi-res, Photoshop 7.0 up to CS3 compatible Floral Shapes Photoshop Brushes set for $9.99 and get full Scrapbook kit Grunge Love for FREE right here ->

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