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Photo Masks - Grunge Squares New Photoshop brushes set

Photo Masks – Grunge Squares New Photoshop brushes set

Ladies and gentleman,

It is my great pleasure, on this beautiful day, to present you with a brand new, steamy and hot Photoshop brushes set:

Photo Masks – Grunge Square

(25+25+25) + 25 PNGs

The set includes 25 brushes in three different sizes (from huge ones for printing purposes to small ones for web purposes), so you can use them to frame your photos in the following dimensions:
- 2×3 and 2×2 inches
- 4,5×3,1 and 3,1×3,1 inches
- 3,8×5,7 and 4×4 inches

In addition, set includes 25 transparent PNG files for 5,8×4 inches and 4×4 inches photos.

As all of my sets, these are compatible with Adobe Photoshop (up to latest version), Photoshop Elements (up to latest version), PaintShopPro (up to latest version), Paint.NET (up to latest version and, of course, for the .png’s, you can use them in any decent image or photo editing software in the Universe :)

Oh! Did I not mention? Commercial use is perfectly OK! Moreover, I am always happy to hear about your businesses success especially if my brushes were involved in any way. Ever since I started creating brushes and offering them on my blog, I’ve heard about are so many different ways of using brushes in your business that it is – amazing.

This set is, along to loads of other great sets, available in my little shop of wonders at:

And that is not all, this set is also available as a BONUS! What do I mean? Well, if you buy 800+ Photoshop brushes MEGA SET (which is a unprecedented offer by itself already as it comes with a great value and loads of bonuses), so, where was I, oh Yes! If you buy 800+ Photoshop brushes MEGA SET by this Friday (10th of September), you will get this set for FREE!

And if you were wondering about the FREE LITE DOWNLOAD of this set, no worries!
It will be available to all GBG members as of this Wednesday and it will include several brushes from this set.

That’s why it’s worth to be a GBG member (Join us now)!

| Preview Photo Masks – Grunge Squares Photoshop brushes  set here |

| Get the Photo Masks – Grunge Squares Photoshop brushes set and PNG files here |

Video Tutorials on how to use Photoshop brushes and PNG files as photo masks:

You can see the Photo Masks – Grunge Squares in action above the header of this post and down below:

OK Gang! That’s it for now! Stay well, love and hug each other, have fun creating stuff and we’ll speak soon as I’m coming with some more new stuff this week!


Summer Fun Photo Scrapbook:

Summer Fun Photo Scrapbook: “Oh, such a perfect day.”

Not all people enjoy Summer at crowded beaches, some people enjoy spending Summer in mountains.

Irska is one of them. (Don’t know Irska? Get to know her -> :) I just got this great quick scrapbook page from her. And I had to share it with you. Really, Irska, you’re getting better and better all the time!

Now, look at this photo too – seems like a perfect day!

As in the Lou Reed song:

“Oh it’s such a perfect day,

I’m glad I spent it with you…”

I can see you’ve been in a good company. And what else can one wish for. A perfect day in a good company.

Mojca, as always, thank you for sharing your work with us! Keep them coming and be careful over there in the mountains :)



Mini set:

Happy Circled Word-Art Photoshop brushes (7+7 – two sizes) + 7 transparent PNG files

This MINI set is FREE for GBG Gold and Platinum Members!

But if you are not a member you can still get it at a ridiculous price of only $3.50 if you click right here -> :)


To get loads of Hiqh Quality brushes for your commercial projects, click here to visit my little gallery/shop ->

And now, ladies and gentleman, I could not resist, please, let me present you
Lou Reed, Bono Vox, David Bowie, Elton John and many others in

A perfect day

Lay back, close you eyes, relax and just enjoy this beautiful piece of art (ignore first 10 seconds though :):

So, gang I hope you liked it too. In case you were wondering, in this Quick Scrapbook Page Irska did a great job with Happy Circled Wordart brushes and Happy Doodles Photoshop brushes!

How to Convert Photoshop brushes to PNG files using GIMP (free image editing software)

How to Convert Photoshop brushes to PNG files using GIMP (free image editing software)

(Now, what did you expect me to call you? You call us cats, it’s only fair that we call you humans, no?)

Anyways, it was brought to my attention that a number of humans don’t have Photoshop (which is totally ok, because it’s not very cheap, I know, you can get loads of cat’s food for that kind money…).

Also, I was led to believe that many humans, who don’t have Photoshop, would still like to take advantage of beautiful Silvia’s Photoshop brushes.

Many humans would like to use it as .png files for their scrap booking, digital stamping, photo albuming, graphics designing and web producing, even Power Point presenting projects.

And that is not all. Apparently, a number of humans already have Windows 7, and good old abrViewer, reportedly, does not work under Windows 7.

So, how do we convert these beautiful Silvia’s Photoshop brushes to PNG files – I hear you ask?

Piece of cake.

Here is what to do:

1. Make sure have the latest version of GIMP

2. Copy the great bsilvia Photoshop brush by pressing Ctrl+C on it

3. Paste that brush into the GIMP brushes folder (In Windows it is C:\Program Files\GIMP-2.0\share\gimp\2.0\brushes)
However, to make sure, of if you are using Mac (lucky you!) you can check the GIMP brushes folder in GIMP, by clicking on Edit -> Preferences -> Folders -> Brushes

Photoshop brushes to PNG files using GIMP - Path to brushes in GIMP

Photoshop brushes to PNG files using GIMP

4. Start GIMP and open a new file (make it as big as you would like your PNG file to be, I made it 4inx4in at 200dpt for printing)

Open a new file in GIMP

Open a new file in GIMP

5. Make sure you are working on a transparent layer (that’s if you want to have transparent PNG file in the end)

Placing a Photoshop brush in GIMP

Placing a Photoshop brush in GIMP

Place the brush on the transparent layer (actually delete the background layer should you have one)

7. Save this file as PNG

Saving Photoshop brush as PNG file

Saving Photoshop brush as PNG file

That’s it.

Now, you have a beautiful PNG file created from beautiful bsilvia’s Photoshop brush.


Swirled Squares Design Elements (introduced by Meoki)

Swirled Squares Design Elements (introduced by Meoki)

Hi, this is not Silvia speaking.

I’m Meoki.

Black&White, up-side-down cat holding “Special Offers” board, look here, a little bit up on the right side ->

Silvia decided that she needs some rest (and believe me – she does) and asked me if I could do the post and introduce brand new Photoshop brushes she created for her GBG Platinum Members.

Sure“, I said. As if I had anything else to do except holding that “Special Offers” board all day long (I go away at night but sssshhh! Don’t tel her.)

Why did you put me up-side-down, by the way?” I asked her.  “It’s a good thing that I am just a cartoon, otherwise all my blood would end up in my head. Not good …

Because” she said, “I red somewhere, that people will notice you more easily that way.


Anyways, she be gone (sends “hugs and kisses everyone”), I’m here, so bear with me (you could beer with me as well. If you click on the “Special Offers” board and get yourself some nice discounted brushes, vectors, etc … :))

Anyways, it’s Tuesday, and Silvia wanted to dedicate every Tuesday to her GBG Platinum members, by giving them a little …. well … gift! So, this Tuesday, she prepared

Swirled Squares Design Elements (Photoshop brushes, or Digital stamps as some call it)

Swirled Squares consists of 12 brushes in two sizes  (as usual to prevent overstretching and keep the quality top-notch) and two design styles: clean and grungy.

| Preview Swirled Squares Photoshop brushes set |

These brushes are available only to GBG Platinum Members (free download).

More info about GBG subscription packages –>>

OK. That was easy. If you want you can become GBG Platinum member. It is a pretty good deal. GBG Platinum members get

24 PREMIUM Photoshop brushes sets ($9.99 each, $239,76 value)


all Gold GBG Members downloads


1 year subscription to all new GBG Members downloads (like this one)

+ Loads of other stuff, don’t know them all by heart but you can find out more about GBG Membreships here ->


Thank you for your attention. Meoki over and out!

Free Wedding Digital Scrapbook Quick Page

Free Wedding Digital Scrapbook Quick Page

Few days ago I created the Wedding Photo Frames – Photoshop brushes set (or love photos as some call it).

This  set is particularly useful for photographers who want to decorate the Wedding books (and albums) for their clients. But is also great design elements collection for digi scrappers, graphic and web designers, etc …

Get more info on Wedding Photo Frames ->

Today you will see Wedding Photo Frames in action :)

Ladies and gentleman, let me present you

Wedding Scrapbook Quick Page

This one is free and I hope you will like it!

Now, since I am not much of a wedding photographer Ms. Melissa Papaj (who is a wedding photographer professional) was kind enough to provide some really cool wedding photos she made. I used her photo in this Scrapbook Quick Page preview.

So, thank you Melissa! Great work!

Melissa is not just a wedding photographer, she also photographs children, architecture, animals… and she does it really good. Here is what she said about herself:

PHOTOGRAPHY IS MY PASSION! I became a photographer because I have a passion for finding beauty in everything and photography has allowed me to capture the beauty for longer than just a moment. I especially enjoy weddings and portraiture photography because I am very personable and I LOVE making people look their best! I love going to a wedding and blending in effortlessly with the bride, groom, and entire family while capturing the traditions, surprises and all of the little details that weddings bring. I can actually say that as a photographer, I love my job each and every day!

Check out her website for more beautiful photos!

Digital scrapbook quick page freebie: Download it here NOW :)

All files are in ZIP archive:

  1. PSD – Photoshop Layered File
  2. transparent PNG

Both files are 12×12 inches at 300dpi – print ready

If you liked those cute photo frames used in this free wedding scrapbook quick page, you can get them HERE for $9.99 only – with commercial license for your commercial projects.


Wedding Photo Frames - Digital Stamps (free download included)

Wedding Photo Frames – Digital Stamps (free download included)

People get married!

I bet you are stunned now :)

But, there is another thing going on here. While we are at it, we take pictures, and on the top of it – we (more often then not) make wedding albums!

We all want our wedding albums to look good. And while I was preparing to make one for a friend of mine, I figured I need to decorate the border around the photo. Actually, I needed to frame the photo in the wedding album.

So, I made several frames, few of them, just for my personal use. And then I realized – BANG! Now, that’s something others might be interested in having too! Decorate a photo, add a frame, c’mon, it’s basics of wedding albums (and photo albums after all).

You guessed the rest of the story. I ended up by making 25 wedding photo frames! In order to preserve the quality and my long ago set standards, all of them are initially made in vectors and then transferred to Photoshop brushes and PNG files.

So, ladies and gentleman, my dear visitors, if you would like to make wedding photo album yourself, for your own, or your friends, brothers, sisters wedding or for your clients (if you are a photographer or graphic designer), or if you’d like to make a wedding photo album for re-sale, there you go – a perfect time saver with commercial license included.

Let me present you:

Wedding Photo Frames (squares) Photoshop brushes (digital stamps) and transparent PNG files!

About the set:

  • 25 wedding photo frames in three sizes  for 2,5×2,5 – 3,5×3,5 – 4,5×4,5 inches photos
  • 25 transparent PNG files for 4,5×4,5 inches photo
  • Compatible with Adobe Photoshop (ver. 7.0 up to CS5), Photoshop Elements, PaintShopPro, Paint.NET and more…
  • Commercial use OK!

Photo frames are created in “grungy” style, hearts, swirls, flowers and appropriate wordings around the frames: “Love”, “Love is the Foundation”, “for Time and all Eternity”, “perfect love”, “Forever Begins Today”, “a beautiful moment”, “our love will not die” and more…  Those cute picture frames are ideal for wedding photo albums and wedding digiscrap!

| Preview Wedding Photo Frames Photoshop brushes set | Buy this set |

Yes, as always, I prepared a a FREE lite edition of Wedding Photo Frames digital stamps/Photoshop brushes set (scrapbook stamp freebies): there are 3  brushes in a set. These are smaller size than the ones in the PREMIUM package, but still good enough for on-line wedding albums.

| Download Wedding Photo Frames – free lite Photoshop brushes set (3 free digital scrapbooking frames) |

Note: Sorry, 5 days subscription free download offer expired. Download is now available after joining GBG. Please read about our free download policy and join our GBG for more free downloads. Thanks!

Hope you’ll like it!

S :)

Love, love, love...

Love, love, love…

There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done.
Nothing you can sing that can’t be sung.
Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game
It’s easy…

Who does not recall the legendary Beatles song which starts with La Marseillaise. Even if you’ve been born long after the Hipi movement, the core idea is still very alive. I hope you will agree.

Anyways, inspired by the ever lasting idea of love and expressing this idea the best way I know I created, what? Yes, you guessed:

Photoshop brushes (Digital Stamps) and Vectors (Yes, vectors!) Pack

Squared Love – Word Art

Why “squared”? Well, you’ve all heard about “fair and square” term right? Well, there you go…

It will be circled love next time.

Now, it’s built in squares and it looks good. I know it might sound weird but it’s looks good. And graphic art is not about how it sounds, it’s about what it looks like :)

OK. Enough now … here is what I prepared today:

New Special Mini Pack: Squared Love Word Art

What’s in a pack:

* 12 brushes in two sizes
* commercial license is, as always, included (so you can make money with them – no questions asked)
* 12 vector files: EPS
* 12 PNG transparent files
* Compatible with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Adobe Illustrator and more

| Preview | Buy ($6.50) |

You can use those digital stamps (Photoshop brushes and transparent PNG files)  in your cards, wrapping paper designs, boxes, digital scrapbooking, rubber stamps…

Also, vector files can be re-sized in vector applications such as Illustrator or CorelDraw! So you are not limited with the size.

Of course, as always, I prepared something as a free download- True Love – PNG file  3,5×4,5 inches at 300dpi

| Download transparent PNG Squared Love Word Art |

OK. That’s it for today. Love each other, cherish and respect people around you and your life will be, well, loving!




Ops! And yes, of course:

Have fun creating!

Happiness (and Photoshop brushes and some free downloads)

Happiness (and Photoshop brushes and some free downloads)

…happiness… happiness… happiness… isn’t that what we all are searching for?

And aren’t we happy once we find happiness? :)

Aren’t we sad when we lose it?

OK. That’s enough!

Here is what I’ve got for you today:

Now, here is what I think. There is no need to be hilarious all day. Just smile and feel how good it feels :)
I don’t know about you, but I love to smile. Really love to smile :) and usually when someone approaches me – I smile. It’s not like I’m forcing myself into that. No sir.

It comes out by itself.

I just… smile!

And sometimes, non-smiling people don’t like smiling people. Trust me, I had few nasty scenes with people I even don’t know – only because I was smiling. But, this is not a story about them. This is a story about a smile, happiness, laughter :) and my new Photoshop brushes set (some prefer to call them digital stamps) is dedicated to those simple things (which matter the most).

Mini set:

Happy Circled Word-Art Photoshop brushes (7+7 – two sizes) + 7 transparent PNG files

This MINI set is FREE for GBG Gold and Platinum Members!

But if you are not a member you can still get it at a ridiculous price of only $3.50 if you click right here -> :)

Here is what you get:

  • 7 + 7 Happy Circled Wordart Photoshop brushes in two sizes (as usual, large and small ones so you don’t have to over-stretch them in your projects)
  • 7 Happy Circled Wordart transparent PNG files (4×4 inches at 300dpi)
  • Commercial use license
  • Compatible with Photoshop 7.0, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5.
  • Also compatible with: Photoshop Elements, PaintShop Pro, Paint.NET and more…

And of course, here is a little  something everyone gets for FREE: A large transparent PNG file (4×4 inches at 300dpi), with commercial use license – as always!

Click on the image to download zip file

So, that’s it.

…and remember to SMILE!

(your favorite PS brushes designer :))
… I know, I’m flattering myself :)

Summer 2010. Competition - Latest Submissions

Summer 2010. Competition – Latest Submissions

It’s Summer time and I know how hard it can be to sit in front of the screen when there’s such a beautiful weather outside.


I know! So, I extended the competition deadline till 20th of August!

However, many of you are having fun with Photoshop brushes, making great graphics! And when you submit these graphics to our competition – things get even better!

So, here are the latest four competition submissions:

Sweet floral frame from Mojca using Floral Shapes Digital Stamps (Photoshop brushes) and Hawaiian Flowers Digital Stamps

Cute graphic from Carolyn (she says “I’m not a pro”, but this looks great) using Swirled Trees Digital Stamps (Photoshop brushes) and Birds Digital Stamps (Photoshop brushes)

Another adorable graphic from Carolyn (she is a pro) using Paisley Designs Digital Stamps (Photoshop brushes) and Floral Shapes Digital Stamps (Photoshop brushes)

Fourth newest submission is great graphic from Christina created using Swirled Trees Digital Stamps (Photoshop brushes) and Paisley Designs Digital Stamps (Photoshop brushes)

Thank you girls, all submissions are really great and unique! You are welcome to leave your web links too :)

If you didn’t hear about the Summer 2010. Competition – there is still time, info is  available at: Graphics-Illustrations.Com Summer 2010 Competition

Deadline is on August 20th 2010.  :)

For this year we prepared three awards:

August 2010. Desktop Wallpaper Calendar

August 2010. Desktop Wallpaper Calendar

August. Yes, it is here – the hottest month of the year!

I made this August Desktop Wallpaper Calendar for a monthly competition on Smashing Magazine, and they accepted it! (thank you guys)

My theme was nature, but not just usual nature visualization but “Nature’s dream” – well, at least I thought what nature’s dream might look like in August.

This wallpaper can be downloaded on Smashing Magazine and it is available in two different versions: with calendar and without calendar!

However, there are loads of high quality Photoshop brushes (w/commercial license) available in my little Shop of Wonders :) so feel free to visit ->

Christmas Tree made with Photoshop brushes

Christmas Tree made with Photoshop brushes


We’ve got our first competition submission!

Linda made a beautiful Christmas Tree with Photoshop brushes and it is beautful.

Thank you Linda! Wonderful work!

And for the rest of you who would like to join our Graphics-Illustrations.Com Summer 2010 Competition just visit this link , get some free Photoshop brushes and get crackin’ :)

Love you all!

The Flying Pigs of Happiness, Photoshop Brushes

The Flying Pigs of Happiness, Photoshop Brushes

I got  “The Pig of Happiness” mug by Edward Monkton from my sister some time ago. She brought it from her trip to London and … it instantly became my favorite mug (who doesn’t have one). It says: “May his JOYFUL SMILE remind us how much there is to be HAPPY about”

So, inspired by this totally cool “making me smile” mug, I made my own version of Happy Pigs. I gave them wings and made them fly, so now they’re called

The Flying Pigs of Happiness

and I turned them into

Photoshop brushes

And I dedicated that brush to all my loving GBG members which will get it for free in our GBG eZine July 2010 edition (you too can joing GBG here ->)!

These 8 flying piggies will be available as .abr and .png files and I hope you will have fun using them as a decoration for your designs! I know I had fun creating them!

So, here they are 8 flying piggies, I hope they will put a smile on your face :

Colored version

Flying piggies – monochrome version


| Preview The Flying Pigs of Happiness, Photoshop Brushes |

So, you will get it in our next GBG eZine which should come out soon.

In the mean time, don’t forget to check out on our Summer 2010 Competition Page and take part in it!

Enjoy the day, love you all.



Do you have your favorite mug? Where (and who) did you get if from? What does it look like? Leave a comment, it would be great to hear from you.

Funky Swirls, Photoshop brushes

Funky Swirls, Photoshop brushes

Free Download for GBG Gold and Platinum Members

Read More Post a comment (0)
Photoshop brushes set: Tattoo Designs 2

Photoshop brushes set: Tattoo Designs 2

You did not have to wait long, now, did you?

I announced it yesterday, and today, ladies and gentleman, I proudly present you

Photoshop brushes – Tattoo Designs 2

Faster, bigger, better and probably the smartest Tattoo Photoshop brushes on Earth!

You are going to love them.

So, as always, there are two sets

  1. PREMIUM Tattoo Designs 2 Photoshop brushes set (contains 20 big i 20 smaill brushes)
  2. Free LITE version of Photoshop brushes Tattoo Designs 2 (5 small ones free download)

Now, as always, the free LITE version will sit here for the next five days, as a “free for all” download, but then, it is going over to THE one and ONLYGBG web site and there it will join hundreds of other free Photoshop brushes which are available to our GBG Members ->

[PREVIEW Photoshop brushes (digital stamps) LITE edition Tattoo Designs 2 – 5 smaller pieces ]

[DOWNLOAD Photoshop brushes (digital stamps) LITE edition Tattoo Designs 2 - 5 smaller pieces ]

Note: Sorry, 5 days subscription free download offer expired. Download is now available after joining GBG. Please read about our free download policy and join our GBG for more free downloads. Thanks!

[PREVIEW Photoshop brushes (digital stamps) PREMIUM edition Tattoo Designs 2 (20+20) ]

[BUY PREMIUM version of Tatto Designs 2 Photoshop brushes set ->]

  • As usual, they were originally created as vectors so you can rest assured that this, like, the best quality Photoshop brushes you can possibly get.
  • They are compatible with Photoshop 7 and all Photoshop CS versions (from CS to CS5)
  • If you convert them to PNG format (with abr viewer) you can also use them with Paint.NET, PSP and any other decent bitmap or photo editing software out there.
  • Hereby, I solemnly  declare that you can use them for your commercial projects, so if you are into photography, scrapbooking, rubber stamping or any other design business, no worries, go ahead, use them for your designs and make money.

Of course, it would be just great if you decide to go for the PREMIUM version. Not just because it’s $9.99 only (what’s that? like, two pizzas?), but also because in the PREMIUM ones you get a really BIG brushes (up to 2400 pixels) so you can get the best quality for your project.

OK. That’s it for now, thank you for your attention.

Have fun!


I almost forgot. If you buy 800+ Photoshop brushes MEGA SET by 13th of July 2010, you’ll get PREMIUM version of Tattoo Designs 2 for free. (800+ Photoshop brushes MEGA SET already includes Tattoo Designs SE, so you’ll have a fine collection of Tattoo designs :)) Find out more about 800+ Photoshop brushes MEGA SET ->

Coming Soon: Photoshop brushes set - Tattoo Designs 2

Coming Soon: Photoshop brushes set – Tattoo Designs 2


Summer is here and the time is right to make a new Photoshop brushes PREMIUM set and a FREEBIE! (W/ commercial license of course.)

So, as you are reading this, enjoying the sun and the beach, or working on a new graphic project – I am preparing a brand new, fresh and totally cool Photoshop brushes set: Tattoo Designs 2.

Why Tattoo Designs 2? You will ask. Where’s Tattoo Designs 1?

A legitimate question. Of course there is Tattoo Designs 1. I just did not call them Tattoo Designs 1, I called them Tattoo Designs. And original Tattoo Designs was even upgraded with bunch, of png’s and stuff, so now we have Tattoo Designs Second Edition. (Available for purchase now, 30+30 brushes + 30 png files for $9.99 only ->)

Anyways, you can find out more about Tattoo Designs Photoshop brushes (Second Edition) right here ->

Of course, a freebie!

There will be a Tattoo 2 LITE (free version, 5 brushes set), so stay tuned :).

Also, we are working hard to prepare next issue of our legendary GBG eZine.

Bunch of new, free stuff, but we won’t reveal any more right now.

OK.  Stay well, have fun and stay tuned ;)

Love you all,



If you would like to receive our sooper dooper eZine with a whole bunch of useful and free stuff like Photoshop brushes, just join us here ->

Desktop Wallpaper Calendar - July 2010

Desktop Wallpaper Calendar – July 2010


June is almost finished and July is knocking at our doors. Are you enjoying this Summer?

We moved into our new, still not fully furnished house (kitchen still missing), and it’s nice to be surrounded by trees and flowers. It is especially nice not to need the heating ;) Poofah and Peacco are still adapting to the new environment, but, all in all, all is fine.

(This is Poofah and Peacco on the widnow. Photo effect by Hipstamatic for iPhone)

Now, where was I?

Ah, the July wallpaper calendar. This is one of the photos I made for various micro stock agencies where I sell my photos and I figured, why not use it for July 2010 wallpaper calendar. And here it is.

  1. 1024×768 [DOWNLOAD July 2010 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper]
  2. 1280×960 [DOWNLOAD July 2010 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper]
  3. 1600×1200 [DOWNLOAD July 2010 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper]
  4. 1680×1050 [DOWNLOAD July 2010 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper]
  5. 1920×1200 [DOWNLOAD July 2010 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper]

Apart from the photo of tomatoes under water, to make this one I used the following Photoshop brushes:

  1. Swirls Floral brushes set (42+42) Second Edition + 42 PNG files
  2. Lightworks Photoshop Brushes set (61)
  3. 2010 Calendar Photoshop brushes set (3×12 – 36, US version)

Those can be bought in my little shop for $9.99 only! Commercial use included.

OK.  I hope you will like the calender and we’ll talk soon. I have one birthday card and envelope to show you :)


Photoshop brushes and Rubber Stamps

Photoshop brushes and Rubber Stamps

Whenever, someone buys 800+ Photoshop brushes MEGA SET I offer additional free SPECIAL brush as a sign of gratitude to those who let me know how did they find me.

And I am thankful to all of you who replied. But, more often than not, many buyers also tell me why did thy buy that set. Now, that’s how I learned that many of my buyers are in Rubber Stamps business.

That is why it is important to them that my Photoshop brushes come with the commercial license (“Photoshop brushes CU OK”)

I did some investigation on Rubber stamps on the net and it seems like there is a money earning opportunity in Rubber Stamping. One way to make money with it is to create greeting cards for all kind of occasion, other one is to sell the rubber stamps. These brushes are not just used for Rubber stamps or greetings cards.  They are also used for creation of customized gift items, such as bags or similar.

Number of  independent rubber stamp designers are making money with their stamps (created with CU Photoshop brushes), and this number is growing. They sell their products via Etsy or similar web sites.

One of the main advantages is that even complete beginners achieve great results with rubber stamps in a very short time.

So, for those of you who are still not sure, I fully support all kinds of business ventures anyone comes up with, and I am always delighted to hear success stories, especially when my brushes had a role to play. If you are considering buying 800+ Photoshop brushes  MEGA SET, you can rest assure that you are allowed use them for your business ventures, whatever they are, as long as you don’t just repackage the brushes and sell them as brushes again.

OK. That’s it for today.

Love you all and, as always, never never forget, have fun creating, because whatever you do, it will always turn out well if you had fun doing it.


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