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Funky Collage Birthday Card, Photoshop Tutorial

Funky Collage Birthday Card, Photoshop Tutorial

Here goes another Photoshop tutorial.

Mirta’s birthday was few days ago, so I prepared a funny collage birthday card for her. And, because she likes animals, (especially cats) I decided to add photo of Mr. Alphons (my trusty cat) to her birthday card.

Mirta was also my model back in times when I had my own photo studio (that’s why I do so many Photoshop brushes for Photographers) I took this photo of her three years ago.

In this example I used many of my brushes: free and premium versions. Free Photoshop brushes can be found at GreenBulbGang.Com and premium versions are available for purchase in my Graphics-Illustrations.Com Shop! Backgrounds are also available in the shop.

Ok. So here are the ingredients for this recipe: :)

And here is what we will have by the end of our tutorial:

OK, guys! Roll-up your sleeves because here we go! Here is how I made this card:

0. I collected all ingredients :) (images and graphics which are to be included to design). I prepared some Photoshop brushes, backgrounds and photos to get ready to roll, started a new file (ours was 2400px x 2400px) at some printing resolution, say, 300dpi.

1. So, as a first step. I imported photo of Peacco (Meacco Peacco a.k.a. Mr. Alphons), this photo can be a photo of your friend, family, pet or anyone else¬† … now select “channels”.

2. Select the channel with the highest contrast, in my case that was Red one. Copy that channel.

3. Use Level Adjustment in order to get even more contrast channel – remember: you should work on copied Red channel!

4. Now use the Burn tool to darken the photo (Mr. Alphons in this case)

5. Using the Dodge tool clear all the grays and blacks around the photo (Mr. Alphons in this case)

The image should be clear now.

6. Now draw a selection around with the using path pen tool, be precise (more than I was)

and go to the Paths Menu (the image looks darker now because you copied the Red channel, remember? :))

7. In the Paths Menu, choose “Make a selection” option in order to create selection from Path

8. Now click again on Channels – and then on your copied channel. In my case that’s the red channel copy.

9. Fill the selection with Black color and correct the imperfections by using simple brush and black color around the silhouette.

10. Now click on Load channel as selection icon below.

11. Go back to the Layers. (You can copy your image layer if you want to – I did.) Add a Layer Mask

12. And the selection will be automatically “erased”.

13. While you are using select tool, click to open a menu and select “Refine Edge”

14. Now soften an edges a little bit

15. Now open a background image and simply drag a layer to the background image.

16. Using this technique cut another photo and drag the layer over the background.

17. now, add a layer mask and with simple brush strokes (Photoshop brushes set available here) create some imperfections over the image.

18. Repeat this on another photo too

19. Add a layer above the background and add some “Hearts” Photoshop brushes in white color.

20. Blur the hearts a little

21. Add another layer and add new Photoshop brushes, in this case I used ones from the set I created for Smashing Magazine, you can download them here

22. I added another background layer simply with dragging an layer above the background layer

23. I changed the layer mode to “Hard Light”

24. Then I added another layer and applied Dotted Arrows, Photoshop brushes set available here

25.¬† Again, just like in 17. and 18., add a layer mask and using a simple brush strokes (Photoshop brushes set available here) add a “grunge” style to the design

26. Repeat the same as in 25.

27. Add another layer, and use new brushes (I used “Stickers” Photoshop brushes set available here)

28. Add another layer below the “sticker” you just added and draw a circle using elliptical selection, fill in the circle with the color of your choice, and change the layer mode. I changed it into “Color Dodge”.

29. Add more brushes from “Sticker” set on the same layer

30. Add another layer and again, add new brush – this time “Kisses” Photoshop brushes set available here

31. You can add more layers and more brushes – it is up to you. I’ve added “Doodle Birdies” Photoshop brushes set available here and “Talk Bubbles” Photoshop brushes set available here

31. … and “Film Negatives” and “Doodle 2″ Photoshop brushes sets. You can add layer masks on every layer, and give them a “grunge” look with the Simple Brush Strokes Photoshop brushes sets.

32. In case you were wondering, here is what the graphic looks like at 100% zoom.

and here’s the final collage:

OK, gang! I hope you like our little graphic we made today. I hope you will enjoy my Photoshop brushes!

And, in the end, here is the complete, layered PSD file (8◊8 inches at 300 dpi – 2400◊2400 pix) all you have to do, is insert image(s) of someone you love to replace Mirta (you can keep image of Mr. Alphons if you want!)

Download tutorial PSD file here (zipped – 44,5 MB)!


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