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Thank You All!

Thank You All!

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And now something completely different :D (Monty Phyton phrase, I know, but I like it :))

When I started this blog on 07/07/07, believe it or not  and I didn’t realize that immediately, some months later :))- I didn’t think that so many people will visit it. I didn’t think that so many people will write – ask questions, share their thoughts and ideas… and, most of, I did not expect to get so many “Thank You” messages.

I was really surprised and glad to find out that so many liked this little “house of mine” in the big World Wide Web.

So, few days ago, I received this nicely done “Thank You Card” from Just Because Images and I thought that it would be nice to share it with you.

Thank You

This is also a thank you to all of you who support my work! Thank you All!

Thank you!

A brand new Swirls Floral Photoshop 7.0 Brushes Set (and more!)

A brand new Swirls Floral Photoshop 7.0 Brushes Set (and more!)

I prepared another brand new, fresh Swirls Floral Photoshop Brushes setJoin GBG here and download the Swirls Floral LITE Edition (10) Photoshop Brushes set for free!

Swirls Photoshop Brushes

There are two versions, one is for free and this one contains 10 brushes, BUT if you decide that 10 is just not enough for your present of future needs and you decide to really make my day and you decide that you want to support the work I’m doing here, then you will opt for full 42 Swirls Photoshop brushes set.

Swirls Photoshop Brushes

Buy Now!

PayPal and Credit Card payments accepted!

Commercial license included! Now, that’s a fair deal I think.

Bye for now, I’m onto new brushes for tomorrow guys. See you later!

And write.

I will answer, let’s talk!

Firefox Addon that saved my life

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I don’t know about you but, when it comes to coding, html, css, js and stuff, it’s just not… my thing.

But being a web designer, sometimes, for some projects, when there no are programmers involved I just have to deal with coding.

So, what happened, one of my favorite clients ordered the whole visual identity package (you know company logo, letterhead, business cards, web site…) and, on the top of it all he wanted a blog on blogger. Naturally, this blog had to be designed to fit the visual identity of his company.

Lot of html/css tweaking – but, I managed. Tweaked that template and made it follow the visual identity parameters of the company, here is the link -> Greeenamic blog.

OK, to make a long story short, I grabbed that bull (blogger) by the horns and started to fight it. However I would never be able to find my way through that template without a help from this amazing Firefox Addon called Web developer that made it possible for me to locate the CSS definitions of each and every block of that blogger template I was tweaking.

So, for all of you who need or might need here is the Web Developer Firefox Addon can be found here.

This Addon was created by Chris Pederick who saved my life today.

I just gave away a graphics-illustrations T-shirt to someone I don’t even know

I was just getting ready to become depressed as nothing interesting was happening today and it was just about to became… boring? until few hours ago I run into that shoemoney blog.

It seemed like every blogger in the universe knows about that guy except for me. OK, I am a designer and a photographer so I guess It’s forgivable. Anyways, if he is to be trusted it seems like that guy is making some serious money with his blog which, of course, grabbed my attention.

Now, among other stuff that he does, he also takes a pictures of himself. A lot. I don’t know, maybe some think he’s sexy being bold with glasses and all. Anyway, if he gets all that attention (like thousands of visitors every day) I thought it would be nice if he published a picture of him self wearing a T-Shirt with my logo on it.

So, to cut the short story long (or was it the other way around) I decided to send him a T-Shirt with my logo on it and let him make one his “Free Shirt Friday” post using it. He gets a shirt and I get exposure.

I was just figuring this whole thing out when the following funny spam email popped in (what a laugh!):

“Award Claim

This is to inform you that your email ID has won US$1,000,000. 00 in the first category of our computer ballot email lottery with the said winning numbers giving below;

Ticket Number: 132/756/40027
Batch Number:VNFL/2986542754/AAF

Contact the claim dept office:
TEL: +31-610-698-963

You are also advice to provide the following information:
Ticket And Batch

Mrs. Mariam Dominquez.

I’m rich!!! I’m a millionaire!!! Despite the fact that I never played that freakin’ lottery, that woman found me and decided to give me one million dollars! Now, how lucky is that! :)

MC and HNY!

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I wish you cheerful Holidays and a lot’s of happiness, health, love and success through the next year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

bsilvia :)

Wordless Wednesday, Ho Ho Ho! Download Free Happy Holidays animation

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Download Free Happy Holidays animation

Download Free Happy Holidays animation

Terms of Use

I am receiving a lot of questions about commercial usage of my brushes and other artwork that is available on this blog. Most of you, naturally, understand that I invest lot of work, time and effort to create and offer free brushes and other free resources on this blog.

Now, here is the deal:


OK. So, general idea is:
All artwork here is offered for you to create your own designs with it. Naturally, you are then the owner of all artwork you derive from the artwork offered on my blog.

Here is more details:


1.1. YOU MAY NOT re-sell any of the work from this site in it’s original form. Remember, make your own artwork and do what you want with it;
1.2. YOU MAY NOT re-distribute (offer for download or share or copy on any other digital or analog media) artwork from this site in it’s original form (e.g. “.abr” files) without my permission;
1.4. YOU ARE KINDLY ASKED to provide a back link to my site if you use my free downloads :)
1.5. YOU MIGHT even consider purchasing the PREMIUM version of the brushes


    You MAY:

    2.1. YOU MAY use the content to create layouts for your own personal use, commercial and non-commercial use like scrapbook kits, wedding invitations, birthday cards, ads, web sites and other commercial and non-commercial projects.
    2.2. YOU MAY make gifts for family and friends.
    2.3. YOU MAY alter size, color, etc. to suit your layouts.
    2.4. YOU MAY submit project for publication using these graphics.
    2.5. YOU MAY make one copy of this set for backup purposes only, but not with intent to redistribute.

      You MAY NOT:

      2.6. YOU MAY NOT Claim brushes as your own.
      2.7. YOU MAY NOT share this set in it’s original format with anyone.
      2.8. YOU MAY NOT redistribute or resell the file(s).
      2.9. YOU MAY NOT remove any notice of copyright included in the content.
      2.10. YOU MAY NOT make any of the graphics into brushes again and redistribute them.
      2.11. YOU MAY NOT offer these brushes on any web site as downloads or send them through a news list or any other way. This is pirating, and is ILLEGAL!

        That’s it!

        Thanks everyone and have fun creating!

        Google recommends: