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Chevron Stripes Photoshop Brushes Set, Free [Time limited offer]

Chevron Stripes Photoshop Brushes Set, Free [Time limited offer]

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And in this post, ladies and gentleman,  I proudly bring you

Free Photoshop Brushes Set: Chevron Stripes!

And – almost free Background pack – Chevron Stripes (again)!

How did it come to this? Well, inspiration moves in mysterious ways.

First, I created Chevron Stripes Brushes (thanks to Annette W. who gave me an idea. Thanks Annette!).

Then I played with them… yada-yada-yada one thing led to another and next thing you know, I had 5, then 10 and finally 15 various Chevron stripes backgrounds. Gosh, I had fun! Any you know what they say, the best thing you do in life, you do by having fun. This is why they turned out so well. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself :)

So, in the end of story we’ve got:

Chevron Stripes Background PackChevron Stripes Background Pack

This set contains 15 HiRes Chevron Stripes backgrounds – JPG files
36003600 pix, 12″x12″ at 300 dpi – print ready!

And these backgrounds (papers) are perfect for any graphic design project, including:
* scrapbook projects
* web page design projects
* video design projects
* graphic design projects
* any other visual art project
* Chevron Stripes Photoshop brushes included in the pack
* Commercial use allowed (use it in your commercial projects, sell whatever you make with them) 

Preview Chevron Stripes Background Pack

All that for $4.99.

And time limited FREE offer!

  • by time limited I mean these brushes will be available for free for the next 5 days,
  • now it’s 14th so fell free to get them until 18th of February 2012
  • after 18th of February 2012 these will only come as a Free Bonus to Chevron Stripes Background Pack

Preview Photoshop Brushes set: Chevron Stripes (12+12 – two sizes) here

Have a nice day :)

Valentine’s Day Photoshop brushes – Last minute to make that card :))

Photoshop Brushes: Valentine's (21+21) Second Edition + 21 PNG filePhotoshop Brushes: Valentine’s (21+21) Second Edition + 21 PNG file

This set contains:
* 21 brush at 2000px
* 21 brush at 1000px
* 21 transparent PNG file

- Commercial license
– PC/Mac Compatible
– compatible with Photoshop 7.0, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5

Download Paper Backgrounds

Download Paper Backgrounds

“Download paper backgrounds.” What a dull heading. I mean, surely, this post contains some pretty cool paper backgrounds for download, but …

… I wanted to name it something else. I wanted to name it: “Some Thoughts on Happiness and “Shanghai-shoes”.

Now, the free paper backgrounds download link is just down below. You will see the “Download Paper Backgrounds” button somewhere near the end of this article. Pretty big button, can’t really miss it. So, if you’d like to skip my funny article, go ahead, just download the paper backgrounds I hope you will enjoy them. For the rest of you who’d like to read this totally cool article, well, read on …

Ok, for those two of you who stayed and are willing to bare with me through this totally cool article – thank you for staying. I should give you something as a reward. Actually, you know what?! I will give you something. Here is the link to another paper backgrounds set and, as a reward for bearing with me, these are yours. This what you get and they don’t. Ha!

What am I doing? Where was I? Ah, the Shanghai-shoes and the precious emotion of happiness. The inspiration came to me  as I walked thorough the field of grass in my front yard. I stopped at some point. Looked down at my **Shanghai-shoes (please read the explanation below) and the grass and the flowers. And, for some reason, I just felt happy. I had to take a picture of that. So, in the header you can see the image of happiness. Maybe it was not your first thought when you looked at it, but, well, that’s how I perceive happiness.

And the happiness is the meaning of life. (That’s if you ask me. Let me know if you have a better idea on our purpose here :))

OK. That’s it. I hope I managed to transmit the message of happiness. It was nothing else, just a sunny day, some green grass and a flower. That’s all it took for me to detect happiness somewhere within my chest. Pretty amazing, if you ask me.

Anyways, here is the free paper backgrounds download, I hope you will like them and enjoy them and make some pretty cool stuff with them.

Download Paper Backgrounds

Download Paper Backgrounds

Now, there is one more thing I wanted to share with you.

Due to the huge success of 800+ Photoshop brushes MEGA SET I, I created another MEGA SET and called it, inventively, 800+ Photoshop brushes MEGA SET II.

And, then finally, I bundled these two sets into one HUGE GIGA Photoshop brushes set and called it, well 1600+ Photoshop brushes GIGA SET. So, I figured, if you are into graphic design or scrapbooking, you will want to take a look at this monster (1600+ Photoshop brushes GIGA SET)

OK. Now, that’s really it. I hope you liked the post, the downloads and well talk soon!



About the term “Shanghai shoes

**Please note that the term “Shanghai-shoes” is copyrighted as I came up with it ;). Maybe. Or at least I never heard of Shanghai-shoes before so, in my mind, I came up with it ;)

But you can use that term, ok. Just don’t tell anyone else about it. Let’s make it a secret code of ours “Shanghai-shoes”, have you ever been to Shanghai, by the way? I haven’t. I’d rather go to Norway if you ask me. Not that there is anything wrong with Shanghai, of course. It’s just that I am more of a “Norway” type. OK. So much about the “Shanghai shoes”. Talk soon and – feel the happiness, it sits there in your chest waiting for you to notice it. :)

Spring Time 2011. Free Photoshop Backgrounds

Spring Time 2011. Free Photoshop Backgrounds

And, today, ladies and gentleman, I present you with 4 FREE Photoshop backgrounds for your commercial and non-commercial projects! Now these are really HUGE. We’re talking 3600px bx 3600px at 300dpi so you can make large printouts with them if you want.

Here is a detail of one of them at 100%. Bamboo background.

These should fit perfectly for your design, scrapbooking papers or photo books design projects (even commercial ones). Basically, they’re fit for any kind of design project you might have in mind.

Of course, I created them using my Photoshop brushes, some of them are free for all GBG members, some of them are available exclusevly for GBG Gold and Platinum members.

Happy Spring!

Spring Time 2011. Free Photoshop Backgrounds

| Spring Time 2011. Free Photoshop Backgrounds DOWNLOAD (9.8 MB) |

OK. I hope you like these. That’s it for the time being.

Have fun creating!



And if you are after the final solution for your Photoshop brushes collection, I think I’ve got it.
Just click here:

Funky Collage Birthday Card, Photoshop Tutorial

Funky Collage Birthday Card, Photoshop Tutorial

Here goes another Photoshop tutorial.

Mirta’s birthday was few days ago, so I prepared a funny collage birthday card for her. And, because she likes animals, (especially cats) I decided to add photo of Mr. Alphons (my trusty cat) to her birthday card.

Mirta was also my model back in times when I had my own photo studio (that’s why I do so many Photoshop brushes for Photographers) I took this photo of her three years ago.

In this example I used many of my brushes: free and premium versions. Free Photoshop brushes can be found at GreenBulbGang.Com and premium versions are available for purchase in my Graphics-Illustrations.Com Shop! Backgrounds are also available in the shop.

Ok. So here are the ingredients for this recipe: :)

And here is what we will have by the end of our tutorial:

OK, guys! Roll-up your sleeves because here we go! Here is how I made this card:

0. I collected all ingredients :) (images and graphics which are to be included to design). I prepared some Photoshop brushes, backgrounds and photos to get ready to roll, started a new file (ours was 2400px x 2400px) at some printing resolution, say, 300dpi.

1. So, as a first step. I imported photo of Peacco (Meacco Peacco a.k.a. Mr. Alphons), this photo can be a photo of your friend, family, pet or anyone else  … now select “channels”.

2. Select the channel with the highest contrast, in my case that was Red one. Copy that channel.

3. Use Level Adjustment in order to get even more contrast channel – remember: you should work on copied Red channel!

4. Now use the Burn tool to darken the photo (Mr. Alphons in this case)

5. Using the Dodge tool clear all the grays and blacks around the photo (Mr. Alphons in this case)

The image should be clear now.

6. Now draw a selection around with the using path pen tool, be precise (more than I was)

and go to the Paths Menu (the image looks darker now because you copied the Red channel, remember? :))

7. In the Paths Menu, choose “Make a selection” option in order to create selection from Path

8. Now click again on Channels – and then on your copied channel. In my case that’s the red channel copy.

9. Fill the selection with Black color and correct the imperfections by using simple brush and black color around the silhouette.

10. Now click on Load channel as selection icon below.

11. Go back to the Layers. (You can copy your image layer if you want to – I did.) Add a Layer Mask

12. And the selection will be automatically “erased”.

13. While you are using select tool, click to open a menu and select “Refine Edge”

14. Now soften an edges a little bit

15. Now open a background image and simply drag a layer to the background image.

16. Using this technique cut another photo and drag the layer over the background.

17. now, add a layer mask and with simple brush strokes (Photoshop brushes set available here) create some imperfections over the image.

18. Repeat this on another photo too

19. Add a layer above the background and add some “Hearts” Photoshop brushes in white color.

20. Blur the hearts a little

21. Add another layer and add new Photoshop brushes, in this case I used ones from the set I created for Smashing Magazine, you can download them here

22. I added another background layer simply with dragging an layer above the background layer

23. I changed the layer mode to “Hard Light”

24. Then I added another layer and applied Dotted Arrows, Photoshop brushes set available here

25.  Again, just like in 17. and 18., add a layer mask and using a simple brush strokes (Photoshop brushes set available here) add a “grunge” style to the design

26. Repeat the same as in 25.

27. Add another layer, and use new brushes (I used “Stickers” Photoshop brushes set available here)

28. Add another layer below the “sticker” you just added and draw a circle using elliptical selection, fill in the circle with the color of your choice, and change the layer mode. I changed it into “Color Dodge”.

29. Add more brushes from “Sticker” set on the same layer

30. Add another layer and again, add new brush – this time “Kisses” Photoshop brushes set available here

31. You can add more layers and more brushes – it is up to you. I’ve added “Doodle Birdies” Photoshop brushes set available here and “Talk Bubbles” Photoshop brushes set available here

31. … and “Film Negatives” and “Doodle 2″ Photoshop brushes sets. You can add layer masks on every layer, and give them a “grunge” look with the Simple Brush Strokes Photoshop brushes sets.

32. In case you were wondering, here is what the graphic looks like at 100% zoom.

and here’s the final collage:

OK, gang! I hope you like our little graphic we made today. I hope you will enjoy my Photoshop brushes!

And, in the end, here is the complete, layered PSD file (88 inches at 300 dpi – 24002400 pix) all you have to do, is insert image(s) of someone you love to replace Mirta (you can keep image of Mr. Alphons if you want!)

Download tutorial PSD file here (zipped – 44,5 MB)!


Paper Candle Shades and Photoshop Brushes

Paper Candle Shades and Photoshop Brushes

Don’t know about you but I like to recycle. I strongly believe that we could recycle at least 80% of the stuff instead of throwing them away every day.

So, here’s a little preview what I’ve done with, for instance, old glass jars, mostly from my favorite products by Saclà Italia :)

The image below shows, for instance, glass jars filled with soil and plants. I got my hubby to drill in some holes and put them on the wall. They are hanging on the driftwood I collect (what? you don’t collect driftwood? of course you do! everyone does that …) every spring. So, finally, here is what my bathroom wall looks like today, everything recycled:

Image below: sample of colored glass jar hanging on some old cable – the candle holder:

Handmade pencil shelf  (detail from the wall in my room), combination of glass jars and driftwood

Here’s what the wall in my working room looks like:

As you can see, I am using glass jars as simple candle holders too… I color them, decorate them with leaves or stripes… or whatever I can recycle. Finally, I print out a paper candle shades and put them around the jars:

As you probably guessed, to create candle shades, I use my Photoshop brushes.

So, if you like these candle shades, this is the place to get them!

Download 3 paper candle shades (decorated with the latest “Waiting for the Spring” Photoshop brushes) HERE

I hope you will maybe find some of these ideas inspirational and maybe you will find some stuff at home that doesn’t need to be thrown away but can be used to create a decoration or something useful for your household.

Have fun creating,

Funky Swirls, Photoshop brushes

Funky Swirls, Photoshop brushes

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Free Download for GBG Gold and Platinum Members

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Using Photoshop Brushes in Web And Graphic Design

Using Photoshop Brushes in Web And Graphic Design

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Most of you already know how indispensable Photoshop brushes are when it comes to web and graphic design.

Examples of their use are everywhere. In this post I will show you how I used them to modify the original WordPress theme of this site and create something completely different.

Of course, for all modifications I used my own PREMIUM Photoshop brushes that are also available for sale in my little Photoshop brushes shop.

Don’t worry, commercial license is included with all brushes so you can use them in your commercial projects.


First I changed the background and here is what Photoshop brushes did I use and where:

Grunge Stars, Custom and Splatters – Lite edition Photoshop brushes sets are available for FREE if you join GreenBulbGang.Com community.

Find these brushes in Graphics-Illustrations.Com Shop:

Also, to create the background I used the following:

Stickers, Lite edition Photoshop brushes set is available for FREE if you join GreenBulbGang.Com community.

Find these brushes in Graphics-Illustrations.Com Shop:


And here is how I used them to create banners:

So, to create banners I used:

As you can see, Photoshop brushes come really handy when you need to do web graphics.

I’d say, really really handy.

Of course, if you are into web or graphic design, or if you are planning to get into it, or just staring up, I would recommend one all-round, HUGE Photoshop brushes package and yes, that’s 800+ MEGA SET Photoshop Brushes I’m talking about!

These come with Commercial License, in a form of digital download, so you get to use them immediately right after the purchase.

Find out more about 800+ Photoshop brushes MEGA SET here ->

How to Make a Valentine's Envelope

How to Make a Valentine’s Envelope

Hello, my dear Photoshop brushes and DiY addicts!

Valentine’s day is near and now is the right time to get ready and prepare some nice surprises for the ones we love. We all know that the best gifts are the ones that we prepare by ourselves. So, for today I prepared a little DiY tutorial on how to make a Valentine’s day envelope. Envelope is not a gift by itself but a self-made envelope with a nice message inside to accompany it, well, that’s something completely different. Your beloved one will love you for this.

First of all, to make a proper Valentine’s day envelope, you will need a proper paper with some cool Valentine’s day design theme.

Sponsor of this article (and that would be me) recommends some of the High Quality Photoshop brushes by Graphics-Illustrations.Com .

I guess that “Valentine’s (21+21) Second Edition + 21 PNG files” would be the best choice for the occasion.

OK. Once you selected the brushes you will use for design and printed the envelope paper it’s time to make an envelope.

I took these photos to show you how to do it:

And here on this link there are some additional explanations ->

How to Make an Envelope

Fold the paper it in a way shown above.

How to Make an Envelope

Now fold the top flaps, and create square shapes from triangles.

How to Make an Envelope

Flop the inside corners outwards and fold the middle triangle shape upwards.

How to Make an Envelope

Double fold the upper edge and then tuck the outer half of it inside the pocket.

How to Make an Envelope

Picture 9. shows tucked folded part from pic 7. and 8. Now fold left and right sides inwards.

How to Make an Envelope

Fold the bottom corners towards the center, fold and tuck bottom into envelope opening.

And that’s it.

Again, if you need additional help, here are the original instructions I used to create this tutorial ->

And, finally, here is the video on how to do it:

Oh yes, If you want to use my envelope designs download them here:

Preview: Valentine’s Day Envelope Paper – pink
Download: Valentine’s Day Envelope Paper – pink

Preview: Valentine’s Day Envelope Paper – beige
Download: Valentine’s Day Envelope Paper – beige

Have fun creating and make someone happy on this Valentine’s day!

Using Thursday’s Texture – The Gordeeeee Way

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Ciao amici!

(Now you know how to say “Hi, friends!” in Italian. That’s just in case you plan to visit Italy this summer ;-) )

So! As always, today again it is a great pleasure for me to announce yet another great graphic by our, already well known friend – Gordeeeee!

Here is what Gordeee said:

“… Here is my possibly quickest graphic yet with use of your crack wall over the face etc. I like to use that ‘medium’ especially flaked paint. I’m always looking for some on old doors with my camera (sony DSC). Everything except the statue and roses are manufactured by me even the clock (i did that some months ago).
(Attached) is the cracked wall I used and just cloned it, turned it….and so on.It’s all been done before but i like doing it. The text is psalm 19v17 onward.”

Well, Gordeeee, what can I say? It’s beautiful! I like your style and I am sure most of the visitors and GBG members will agree on that one.

Using Thursdays Texture The Gordeeeee Way

Here is the Cracked Wall Photoshop texture that was used in Gordeee graphic. Feel free to download it. I am sure many of you will now be tempted to try and do some cool graphics too :) If you want, send me the graphic you made and I will publish it too.

Photoshop Texture Brush: Cracked Wall

The T. Texture post and download links are here (this and much much more when you sign up for GBG eZine):
- Texture Thursday with Cracked Walls textures

Also, I want to use this opportunity to say “Thanks Erin!” for talking nicely about my site on your blog. Here is what Erin ( said:

You have be registered and the site can be a bit tricky to navigate, but it is so worth it. Besides the freebies she offers (brushes and more!) she also has a lot of good things to read. A very creative lady and I love her site!”

I love your blog too Erin!

Love ya all! Ciao Amici!

Of course, my usual recommendations:

1. Please see Graphics-Illustrations.Com Genuine 800+ Photoshop Brushes MEGA SET! info page –>
2. And don’t forget to visit my friends at Xara!

Desktop Calendar Wallpaper - April 2009

Desktop Calendar Wallpaper – April 2009


April is just around the corner (few hours away actually) and now it is the perfect time to publish April Desktop Calendar Wallpaper.

Desktop Calendar Wallpaper – April 2009

So, I though I’d keep it in Easter spirit with those little bunnies and I hope you’ll like it.

Wallpapers are available in four sizes:

1280×960 :: 1600×1200 :: 1680×1050 :: 1920×1200

In this wallpaper, I used Photoshop brushes set Funny Bunnies that came within the GBG newsletter for FREE.You can join GBG and get the Funny Bunnies for free!

I also used the grunge background form 2 pack graphics: old grunge paper images 3 set from my shop.


If you liked the wallpapers, just wait to see what my little shop hides behind :)

Guys! For those of you who are on Facebook, join me on Graphics-Illustrations Facebook page. And if you have some work (related to photoshop brushes, vectors, graphics or illustrations) that you’d like to show to the world – just upload it to Graphics-Illustrations Facebook page! See ya there :))

Damask Patterns by Gordeee

Again, Gordeee from from “near Canterbury Kent the garden of England” shared with us with more great designs. Thank you Gordeee! You always give us more examples that demonstrate the power of Photoshop brushes.

This time, Gordee prepared Damask patterns using Floral Ornaments Art Nouveau (30+30) Photoshop brushes set.

Damask Patterns by Gordeee

Damask Patterns by Gordeee

And the final product, bookmarks cards from Gordeee. Damask patterns are used in combination with Retro Swirls Photoshop Brushes Set (18):

Damask Patterns by Gordeee, Bookmarks cards

Thank you Goreee, again, for sharing your great talent with us.

Keep them coming! Au revoir!


Christmas/New Year Backgrounds that will blow your socks off!

Yes, it’s getting closer. And we are all getting more and more exciting. This is a special time of the year when we do special things for our special ones.

And in those special times we have special requirements for our designs and scrap books. Cause they need to be special too.

So, I prepared a special package for all of you, my special guests, a special package with a simple name:

Christmas – New Year Backgrounds

Christmas - New Year Backgrounds

[ PREVIEW Christmas – New Year Backgrounds (3600x3600pix, 300dpi: 12x12inch) ]

[ GET Christmas – New Year Backgrounds 4 Pack for $3.99 – with Commercial Use! ]

What will those do to you?

They will make your life a whole lot easier because those will save your time so you will be able to make your Christmas designs and scrap books much faster and you’ll have much more fun creating new stuff with them.

So, here they are, and they come really really cheap when, at the same time, they offer so much benefits. They are, as I said a great time saver, they are in big resolutions, 3600px by 3600px at 300dpi which should be enough for bigger prints too. Of course, you can always decrease the size or use just a part of them for web purposes.

Yes, the price is $3.99 so just before you run over to the checkout maybe you’d like to browse through the rest of my little shop and see what else is there to help you out on your productivity quest and I bet’ya you’ll find loads for productivity boosters there.

And of course there’s one FREE Christmas – New Year Background that comes with Commercial Use: 1500x1500pix (300dpi) – 5x5inch

Free Christmas - New Year Background

[ GET FREE Christmas – New Year Background 1600x1600pix (5x5inch) ]

So, stay well and have loads of fun!

Halloween Backgrounds – The Return of … well, Backgrounds

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October 6, 2008 |  by  |  Free Downloads, Shop  |  , , , , , , , , , ,  |  Comments Off

The movie trailer narrator deep voice: “Once upon a time. In a place. There were backgrounds. Scaaarrry backgrounds. There were 5 of them.  One would be afraid just looking at them. Parents would hide their children in front of them. But those were righteous backgrounds and only bad people had reason to be afraid. And those backgrounds were downloaded time and again … and people were asking for more and more backgrounds. And then, one day, Silvia made another set. 5 brand new backgroundsand here they are

Halloween Backgrounds II – the final revenge of the righteous ones

On your favorite blog, scarier than ever:

5 Halloween backgrounds

Get them, in your favorite shop, for $5.99 this set contains 5 HiRes JPG Halloween backgrounds.
Backgrounds sizes are 36003600 pix (1212 inches), 300ppi and they’re ready for print!

5 Halloween backgrounds



And, as always, here is a freebie!

(subscription free download available for next 5 days!)download is now available after joining GBG :)

Free Halloween bgr

So, love them, enjoy them and don’t be afraid – of anything! :) Just make sure you’re ready – for the Halloween!


PS brushes in action – Paper design and the featured artist of the day

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I did not have to wait for too long to hear from you guys. The response I got from designers and artists who use my brushes in their work was great. But, don’t let that discourage you, send me your works, or links to your works where you used my brushes and will feature them here on this blog (remember 3000+ visitors daily).

So, the first artist of the day, ladies and gentleman, is Kathi! Kathy used Swirls Floral brushes set (42 brushes) in her paper design:

Paper design and the featured artist of the day

Kathi sells her designs at Funky Playground Designs, and these indeed are beautiful designs.

I’m always happy to hear how designers are using my brushes for their designs. I’m even happier when I learn that they successfully sell their designs. Not because they make money with it, but because selling means recognition. When they sell their staff it is a recognition. A proof that they’re good at what they do. And the fact that my brushes helped them achieve that, that’s makes me even more happy!

Not to mention how happy these designers are when their work gets recognized :)

So, stay well, in my next post I will write about another great artist that successfully applies Photoshop brushes in their work. In the meantime, check for more Photoshop brushes and other design resources, I’m sure you’ll find interesting stuff for your future designs.

And … don’t forget about the most important thing: Have fun creating!


Some new, great, big league, collosal Photoshop CS3 patterns!

OK. Maybe they’re not THAT collosal but, they’re definitely useful, applicable and good. After all, I even took the effort to make animation here so that you can see what you’re downloading – upfront. They’re pattern, decorative and tasty.

Try them, yummie (Photoshop CS3 patterns)!

Sorry, 5 days subscription free download offer expired. However, you can still get those! Join GBG and enjoy this free Photoshop patterns + more than 1500 other free downloads. Please read about our free download policy and join our GBG for more free downloads. Thanks!

These are just a glimpse and merely an announcement to what will be published on Friday, 22th of January 2010 – right here! So, just be patient and in two years you will see how it was worth!

I was just kidding, some new stuff is coming this Friday, 25th of January 2008. Or maybe tomorrow

Background patterns for Photoshop CS3

Note: after downloading and unpacking, Photoshop patterns should be placed in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\Presets\Patterns folder

If you need any help on how to use them – ask me.

How to make a crumpled paper with torn edges in Photoshop - cool ad example

How to make a crumpled paper with torn edges in Photoshop – cool ad example

August 2, 2007 |  by  |  Tutorials  |  , , , ,  |  1 Comment

How to make a crumpled paper with torn edges in PhotoshopNow, this is one cool Ad!
First read the content of the ad and then I’ll show you the links that will help you how to do this.


You can shake uncontrollably (and irresponsibly) each time the phone rings!

With this little implant in your head, you will experience the indescribable pleasure of shaking frenetically and totally uncontrollably (even your eyes might pop-out :) each time a nearby phone rings (any phone).

Let yourself be surprised! Shake when you least expect!

Let it surprise you:
- while doing it with someone,
- while waiting in the Bank,
- while driving in the subway

Call now and we will implant one shaker into your best man’s skull for free! (We’ll even kidnap him if he doesn’t volunteer).

So you can ask someone to call him at the moment he hands out the wedding rings at the ceremony’s peak moment causing him to shake uncontrollably and even have his eyes pop-out! Just imagine the hilarious reaction from the auditorium!!!

Be a hero at your wedding.
Make everyone laugh and remember the occasion.

Call now! 0800 – BODY SHAKER

You’ll need:
Abstract fonts – free download
How to create ripped and torn edges
How to create crumpled paper
Displacement map technique

Or, you can download crumpled paper with torn edges background –> HERE <–

Google recommends: