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Photoshop Brushes: Swirled Floral Photographic Edges

Photoshop Brushes: Swirled Floral Photographic Edges

I’m on the Photoshoping spree these days! Ideas just pop-out. New shapes, new designs, new Photoshop brushes! But this time I am really really proud! You know, when you have this great photo or design idea, looks perfect in your head but then you need to put it on paper … ehm, screen?

And then, it just comes out the way you wanted it. Even better.

That’s exactly what I’m talking about. So, today, I proudly present you

Swirled Floral Photographic Edges

Set of 18 (quite complicated but beautiful) Photoshop brushes

Photoshop Brushes: Swirled Floral Photographic Edges

As usual here is a small preview, LITE edition 4 of them for FREE (you don’t even have to join our Green Bulb Gang to get it, although you are invited :) ) [ PREVIEW ] I [ DOWNLOAD after joining! ]

Swirled Floral Edges Photoshop Brushes Set (18)And for those of you who just can’t go for compromises here is a PREMIUM edition, 18 of them!

I bet you already see them decorating your present and future projects.


Buy a full version and get 18 of them Swirled Floral Photographic Edges – Photoshop brushes for $9.99. Apply these in your various design projects and I’m sure they’ll make you proud!

Of course, these come with commercial license! And of course, you can sell the designs you make with them!

Of course, they’re in Hi-res: 2012px – 2346px.


I just realized that I was supposed to stress out the size of my brushes in previous posts. Especially after I learned that other sites brag about their 1300px Photoshop brushes. The smallest ones I made here are bigger than 2000px. So, why keep it a secret? :)



Get over 125 Kubota Sloppy Borders in this fantastic border Pak.

From elegant thin borders, to eye-catching medium borders, to heavy borders for a bold statement, this Pak adds the finishing touch to your tweaks.

KUBOTA SLOPPY BORDERS have always been a favorite way to present images in the old days of film. But with digital, this cool retro look is much more difficult to achieve. Scaleable, snap them on inside or outside your image, and even change the border color to fit your image!

To create the Sloppy Borders, Kevin Kubota and Craig Strong, (of Strong Photography and Lensbaby, LLC) went into the darkroom and individually printed the borders, using a variety of filed out negative carriers (the traditional way). Then, they were scanned at high resolution, and digitally prepared for overlay on any image.

Excellent for online presentations or slide shows, this is the finishing touch Pak that will set your images apart from the rest.

All Brushes Offered for Download on This Blog Are Now Photoshop 7.0 Compatible

Advanced Photoshop MagazinePhotoshop 7.0 Brushes, as we know, are compatible with all succeeding Photoshop versions.

I took me while to convert them all but it’s done now and you’re welcome to download them! (After the subscription to my Newsletter – where I only write about cool stuff, of course)

Last year, in summer, I started creating Photoshop brushes using Photoshop CS2, then I upgraded to Photoshop CS3 and didn’t even dreamed about how many of you would like (and love :)) to have my brushes… No, really.

After a few months, I received many questions about Photoshop 7.0 compatibility (I received one question for 6.0 version, but hey – that was a little bit too much for me). Somewhere, somehow I found in my old Photoshop 5.0 box, but then, this version had a serious brush size limitation, so I decided to go with Photoshop 7.0 as it allowed 2500px brush size.

All PS brushes are compatible with Photoshop Elements 6.0 too! Darijan tested it and it works fine!

Now, I’m happy to announce that my brushes will be added to “Digital Arts” June and July issue, and “Macworld” June issue! I didn’t expected such a great exposure and I’m overjoyed!

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Grunge Heart Brushes, Photoshop download

Grunge Heart Brushes, Photoshop download

Join GBG and download FREE grunge heart brushes, set of 23! Inspired by this beautiful blog by my friend Gretchen - I was :) (Yoda talk)

Grunge Hearts Photoshop brushes set

Now, really, heartaday is really a nice project and therefore I would like to dedicate this new photoshop brush to it.

Therefore, the theme of this brush – heart is. Download grunge heart brushes (I’ll have to think of some other theme else for Valentine’s day but what the heck)

Visit heartaday too, Gretchen is out to make 1001 pieces of heart-themed art using different media.

You can get another great Valentine’s Day Photoshop brushes set in my Graphics-Illustrations.Com Shop :)Heart Photoshop brushes Premium set

Set of 32 brushes (981-1801px) compatible with Photoshop 7.0, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5.

Video Tutorials (MP4) on how to use Hearts Photoshop Brushes Set (32):

How to Install and Use Hearts, grunge, Photoshop brushes set (32) – design a unique wedding invitation

How to Install and Use Hearts, grunge, Photoshop brushes set (32) – create a nice looking background

How to Install and Use Hearts, grunge, Photoshop brushes set (32) – design a wedding “Thank You ” card

How to Use Hearts Photoshop Brushes Set (32) – in Photoshop Elements 8.0

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Christmas Trees Grunge Photoshop brushes

Ladies and gentleman, today I bring you – a new brush – Subscribe to my newsletter and get Christmas trees grunge Photoshop brushes set of 23!

Today I was dealing with the bureaucracy. But since I have pills of happiness named Colostrum, which is in fact the substance extracted form the fresh cow milk (and not only from cows living in New Zealand) – I’m happy! There is no such bureaucracy that will spoil my good will.

But, enough talking – help yourself – download the Christmas tree brushes, for Photoshop, of course.

Make my day, make something nice and mention me on your blog… news… TV… podcast… show some appreciation… whatever you choose.

Grunge Christmas Trees, Photoshop brushes

S :)

Photoshop brushes Free Download – Grunge Stars

Photoshop Brushes Free Download – Grunge Stars: it’s here for you, so subscribe to my newsletter & download it, use it for your creative projects :)

Ooooo…. I’m feeling sick for last two days. It’s mainly because of the south wind here. People are nervous and depressive. And in combination with a full moon… well, than some humans can easily turn into monsters.

My head is like a balloon, and I can stand only particular few near me… I’m a little aggressive and just hate working on computer. It’s a silly thing, but today we had a supper for 10 people. Imagine that. But everything went quite nice.

So, this afternoon I managed to make the Grunge Stars Photoshop Brushes (set of 18 brushes) – free, of course!

Grunge Stars, Photoshop brushes set


Grunge Snowflakes Photoshop Brush

OK. Halloween is over whether we like it or not. That’s the bad news.
But! Here comes the good news! Time has come to start preparing, ladies and gentlemen, for CHRISTMAS!

So, all of you designers, graphic artists, enthusiasts and nice design questers, Photoshop addicts and my blog visitors (that was weirdly put) what better download could I offer today, other than The Great Grunge Snowflakes Photoshop Brush, made by hand, from me – for you.
But, this time I did not use my scissors and scanner, oh no! In this digital age we have more advanced tools to do paper snowflakes, and I just ran into one at “Make a Flake” and this one helped me a lot.

Anyway, to make a short story long I will keep on writing more useless sentences …. just kidding.
Here are The Grunge Snowflakes Photoshop Brush (20 brushes, high res, 1500pix) for you to download it FREELY! Just subscribe to my newsletter and this Photoshop brushes set is yours!

Go, make nice Christmas cards and other Christmas graphics and designs.

Grunge Snowflakes, Photoshop brushes

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