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Riots, Protests, Blogging and Time

Yep. It happened. I was on TV news!!! OK. My hubby paid for it, but still. I was on TV news!

And this proves that you can not trust the TV :))

For instance, in the news they said that riots over my absence from Graphics-Illustrations.Com broke out in France, Italy and Japan. Which is not entirely true. The riots broke out in south France only, rest of the country was on strike.  For Italy and Japan, yes. They were entirely blocked. :)))

OK. Enough with fun stuff. Let’s get serious.

Noooot :)

Gang, time flies and it seems like it’s slipping through my hands. Which is difficult. Physically I mean. I saw it the other day. It was in the sky. Flying. And today I saw it slipping though my hands. You can stop writing blog posts but you can’t stop the time. You can even stop smoking. Still, time … will continue to fly.

Therefore, my today’s graphic is about time. I tried to express my vision of time graphically which is normal, isn’t it?

Time Flies

Download JPG file (8×8 inches @300dpi, zipped)

If you like it, print it out and stick it on the wall or somewhere. As always, I made it with a little help from my friends, Hearts (Grunge) Photoshop Brushes Set (32) … if you like the brushes you can buy them and make new designs and graphics, create and enjoy your creations.

And more news coming up on!

I don’t know if I mentioned that, but, initially,  a long, long time ago I started as a web designer. And I still do some web design. Sometimes. And, believe it or not, web design/development is one of the things we /the crew/ did while I was away. So, today, I am proud to say that the project of two new web sites (or is this two projects then ?) is now completed. Both sites are related to Croatia and tourism in Croatia.

Holidays in Croatia, accommodations in Croatia

Istrian Country Villa - Luxury Accommodation in Croatia

One of them is and the other one is So, take a peek and see if you like them :)

As for me, I promise, I will try to make more blog posts in the future to prevent further riots and crisis around the world.

Love you all!

In case you, or your friend, or family or client is getting married and you need to prepare some stationery, invitations and similar, check out my 167 Wedding Photoshop brushes pack. And, you can also, download the Wedding 167 Photoshop brushes set PDF eBook (4,6Mb)



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