Postcards, are they history?

Holiday greetings season is behind us. Many of you probably still remember the times when our mailboxes (I mean the real, metal or wooden ones) used to be filled in with postcards. In my opinion, no eCard can match a good old fashioned postcard. It’s just that good old piece of paper and handwriting that adds a special  human touch that no electronic mail can have.

So, thanks to Gordeee, impressive but mysterious artist, we can now show you some really really cool postcards. His current theme is Paris :). Some of the graphical elements he used are Grunge Floral Shapes Photoshop Brushes (free download after joining GBG)

Postcards, are they history?

Postcards, are they history?

These are really beautiful! Great work Gordeee and thank you for sharing it with us!

And now, since we’re talking about cards, I just couldn’t help mentioning one New Year postcard (old fashioned one) we got from my cousin Davor Vrankic and his wife Silva (yes it’s similar to my name but it’s not the same :)). This one was drawn by Davor himself! (find out more about Davor Vrankic who is a great painter – artist ->) … also, I already wrote about him and his success in the world of art here ->)

So, here’s the unique Holiday postcard from my cousin:

Postcards, are they history?

I bet you like it! He’s good isn’t he :)

I just can’t think of a better way to show a sign of appreciation other than do something with your own hands. I know, Davor is a real talent, but that is not the point here. The point is to take some time and dedicate it to someone by creating something with your own hands. That is the point.

Thank you Gordee and thank you Davor for your great works!




Just before the end of the year I dispatched the last 2008 Green Bulb Gang eZine.

It was a compilation I called:

The best of free Green Bulb Gang downloads (Photoshop brushes); 2008.

It contained a link to one Green Bulb Gang web page that contained a number of links for best free Green Bulb Gang free Photoshop brushes of 2008.

These were only available to Green Bulb Gang members.

But, then on it turned out that the web page with download links did not work when accessed with Safari browser from Mac platform. I’ve got no clue why. I am so sorry guys!

I already sent emails with workaround instructions to all of you who reported that. (The workaround was: Firefox.)

I would test it before dispatching but I could not because I still did not save enough to get that Mac.

So, if you want to help me out AND get yourself a Collection of 800+ Photoshop brushes with Commercial license included (and we all know WHAT THAT MEANS :) ), please feel free to visit the 800+ Photoshop brushes MEGA pack page -> and check it out for yourself! (These are not free, but they’re worth every cent AND they come with a lifetime 1/2 price warranty!)

If you are interested in the link to 2008 Best of Free Photoshop brushes Compilation page – it is not just for Green Bulb Gang members but also for all MEGA Package owners (although most of them are GBG members anyway :))




  1. Hi Silvia, My name is Victoria and I am an old friend of Silva.
    I am trying to get in touch with her but since she moved to the States I lost contact with her. Could you kindly do me a BIG-BIG favour en tell her to get in touch with her friends in Rome? If she lost my contact details too tell her I am in facebook ;-)
    THANK YOU, Victoria

  2. Thanks!! Very nice :)

  3. K.G. I don’t really know of any, but you just gave me an idea. In one of my future posts I will publish a tutorial and a postcard template.

  4. Thanks Silvia!
    Those are beautiful. Where do folks get their postcards printed online?
    I would love to try to create some of my own to send to friends on occassion. Do you have any online printing resources that would print custom designed postcards?

    Thanks again for sharing!

  5. Those are lovely postcards. I still enjoy getting and sending postcards. I’m a member of postcrossing. For every postcard I send I get one in return.


  1. Cartoline del passato… |
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