International Day of Happiness!

International Day of Happiness!

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This will be a short but a happy one!

Believe it or not, today, for the first time in history, we are celebrating the International Day of Happiness! ***  Personally, I think it was about time. Because, first, I believe that happiness is one of the basic human rights, like food, water, education, health … Second, whatever we do, every day of our lives has, one way or another, to do with us being happy. Whether we admit it or not, we are in the eternal pursuit of happiness. The only problem is that, more often then not, we tend to believe that happiness lays somewhere outside of us and our relationship with others. That is, I believe, a big mistake. I don’t think it is possible to find happiness outside of ourselves and our relationship with others. And when I say others, I don’t just think of other people, but also all other forms of life, animals, nature, flowers, trees, earth … everything that surrounds us.

I strongly believe we were all born with one purpose – to be happy and it is surely good that UN came up with such idea because maybe it will raise the “happiness” awareness. Which is probably the most important kind of awareness ever. Happiness does not come without compassion. So, when we sum it all up, it really is a big deal.

So, what can I say? Be happy! if you are not sure how – make others happy and it will make you happy too.

Hug the person next to you right now. It’s that simple!

Love you all,

*** Here is the link to the UN resolution on happiness -> (PDF file)




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