How to make a flower in Adobe Illustrator in 156 seconds

Now, that was supposed to be a catchy headline. I hope it was catchy enough to get you start reading this. If you are a beginner willing to learn about Adobe Illustrator, this short video might be kinda revealing for you.

So, as always in my video tutorials, make sure your Adobe Illustrator is open and your mouse is always close to “Pause” button on the video as you’ll have to press “Pause” a lot and do what I do on your screen simultaneously.

Ok. I this is probably the fastest possible way to make a flower in Illustrator enthusiasts. So, 2 minutes and 36 seconds tutorial for a flower is, IMHO – not bad.

Captions on the bottom of the video should give you all additional info on what’s being done.

Use shortcuts whenever it is possible! This is very important! It will speed you up tremendously. Keep your left hand fingers on:

  1. V“, Selection tool, important when selecting objects for rotation and transformations and for moving objects
  2. A“, Direct Selection tool, important for manipulation with points (in this tutorial to join endpoints and create a petal shape)
  3. Alt (PC)”/”Option (Mac)” important when duplicating objects (in this tutorial when duplicating and rotating at the same time)

So, if you try and do your best to use the shortcuts and learn to work using shortcuts whenever it is possible it will really make your work in Illustrator (and any other software) much much faster and easier.

OK. Let’s get to work now. As I said, make sure your mouse always close to “Pause” button as you will need to Pause a lot.

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions!





  1. I love how you did this-really easy to follow and nice to watch!

  2. Great tutorial…I’m just starting out with and I was able to folllow it with easy. Thanks!

  3. This was GREAT!!!

  4. This was a very good – informative tutorial. Very easy to follow! Thank you!

  5. When I set the rotate point and I click it and press alt, the petal rotates the right way but it does not make a new petal when I release. It just moves the current petal around the mark instead of making a new one. How do I get it to make a new petal instead of moving the original one?

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