Grunge Heart Brushes, Photoshop download


Join GBG and download FREE grunge heart brushes, set of 23! Inspired by this beautiful blog by my friend Gretchen - I was :) (Yoda talk)

Grunge Hearts Photoshop brushes set

Now, really, heartaday is really a nice project and therefore I would like to dedicate this new photoshop brush to it.

Therefore, the theme of this brush – heart is. Download grunge heart brushes (I’ll have to think of some other theme else for Valentine’s day but what the heck)

Visit heartaday too, Gretchen is out to make 1001 pieces of heart-themed art using different media.

You can get another great Valentine’s Day Photoshop brushes set in my Graphics-Illustrations.Com Shop :)Heart Photoshop brushes Premium set

Set of 32 brushes (981-1801px) compatible with Photoshop 7.0, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5.

Video Tutorials (MP4) on how to use Hearts Photoshop Brushes Set (32):

How to Install and Use Hearts, grunge, Photoshop brushes set (32) – design a unique wedding invitation

How to Install and Use Hearts, grunge, Photoshop brushes set (32) – create a nice looking background

How to Install and Use Hearts, grunge, Photoshop brushes set (32) – design a wedding “Thank You ” card

How to Use Hearts Photoshop Brushes Set (32) – in Photoshop Elements 8.0





  1. nice thank you

  2. Thanks! Will these work with Photoshop for Adobe CS5????

  3. TY for the brushes, I need that for create a target. :P

  4. thx a lot ><

  5. thanks for your Photoshop brushes!

  6. Tks for the brush

  7. i think valentines is a time to thank peopl and say how much you love them.


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