Good Deeds, Postcards And Free Downloads

Good Deeds, Postcards And Free Downloads

A while ago (on June 3th 2008 to be more precise) I wrote an article about Happiness and this is where we discussed “cat person” vs. “dog person” topics. (That was back in the old days when there was no Facebook and people were actually commenting on blogs :))

I am “cat person”, I mean - I like dogs, of course and all animals and all living creatures, but cats are where it’s at (as it was nicely put in one of the comments on that prehistoric blogs). I have three cats, Queen Poofah, Mr. Alphons and Meeratz the Space Cat. There is also Crummy and Mr. Eight, two stray cats that I take care of.

So, back to the animal shelter. Last few Saturdays I’ve spent in the local dog shelter taking some photos and walking the dogs together with other volunteers. These dogs are locked in their cages most of the week and it’s only us, volunteers, who come once a week to take them out so that they can walk, run and play as dogs are supposed to.

So, apart from photographing dogs in the dog shelter, walking them on Saturdays, I also prepare graphic and promotion materials for the dog shelter which they then send out asking for help, support, donations in food, blankets, building materials (to build bigger and better homes for dogs), money … but above all, they are looking for people who would adopt these abandoned dogs.

No kill animal shelter

There are many ways to distribute materials and raise awareness for shelter animals like this one and probably, the most used one is emailing. But, we all know how emails get easily deleted. We don’t even have to delete them. We receive so many emails a day that the one we get in the morning is all the way down on the bottom in the afternoon.

But, good old fashioned postcards are different. If you make a nicely designed postcard, with a nice image on it, well, then people will tend to put among other decorations on the wall and now we have a totally different situation. There are quite a few online printing companies which will, not just print postcards, but will also mail them for you.

So, if you ever thought about doing a good deed, here is an idea. If you love animals and would like to do something to help them out, you could, for instance, use your business contacts address book and send them out a postcard, maybe find an animal shelter in the area which you’d like to support.

And to help you out, I prepared a few postcard designs which include images of some of the dogs from the shelter I volunteer for, feel free to use it, add the name of the shelter and distribute them. You can upload these designs to PrintRunner.Com print postcards page and send out a mailing.

Good Deeds, Postcards And Free Downloads animal shelter postcard

animal shelter postcard animal shelter postcard

And that’s all folks. Let’s do something good for those we share this planet with. Love the animals, love each other and don’t forget to hug. A lot.




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