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It’s raining…hard. I’m in old city built on a little hill, and water is flowing down the streets all day. All in all I’m in a good mood :)!

Heh. I’m picky. I’m picky no matter what is the subject: food, sweets, drinks, shops, restaurants…

Yesterday I found a good toilet facility in Rovinj marina near the nice cafe. That is so important!:) I like marina’s because they have great facilities.

Oh, yes. Little restaurants and cafes, nice cosy chairs, awesome tasty coffee (mostly Illy, Lavazza or Nannini) and the best sea view.

I don’t have a boat. No. Oh, I wish! But, for now I have to sit by the sea and spend my days throwing the stones into the water. Then I can watch concentric circles… and hey, that’s the today’s brushes theme!

Photoshop magic circles brushes – set of 10 – download HERE. (Note for Google: Photoshop Brushes Free Download)

Sorry, 5 days subscription free download offer expired. However, you can still get those! Join GBG and enjoy this free Photoshop brushes set + more than 1500 other free downloads. Please read about our free download policy and join our GBG for more free downloads. Thanks!

Photoshop Circles Brushes set

S :)





  1. Lovely, thank you :) xxxx

  2. Hi de maulana and thanks for your visit&comment.
    I’m not sure that visuals (photographs?) from my country will be interesting more than illustrations… but maybe I’ll post them one day…

  3. supported you have idea with illustrations, very nice, how about you local content of visual your country ?

    Thank, congratulations, success

  4. so adorable!!!

  5. Nice collection of brushes. Thanks for this link.

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