Free Download: Adobe Illustrator Ink Splatter Symbols

Free Download: Adobe Illustrator Ink Splatter Symbols

Photoshop Brushes Catalogue 2012.

Latest news: yesterday I bought 2 domain names, one is my “user name”- bsilvia ( and the other is “”. Webhosting at as usual, I’ve been their customer for 6 years and never had any problems or issues. So I’m sticking with them.

** //  UPDATE ON WEB HOSTING: Unfortunately, in the meantime I had issues with Siteground. HUGE ISSUES. At some point they decided that my site is taking up too much of their resources and that I should go for $97 dollars hosting plan instead of $4.50/month. I had something like 24 hours to convert to ueber-expensive hosting. Non-negotiable. I was desperate. Checked on my statistics, they did not show any changes, same traffic as always. They refused to provide any kind of technical assistance or explanation. I had to convert to $97 – immediately. So, I paid. I kept on paying until I moved to Hostgator which is now my host of choice. ** //

Maybe I’ll transfer this one to new domain “”, so wish me luck with my new blogs (I’m gonna need it)!

Sorry, 5 days subscription free download offer expired. Download is now available after joining GBG. Please read about our free download policy and join our GBG for more free downloads and check out this set: Illustrator Ink Splatter Symbols (note for Google: Download Free Illustrator Ink Splatter Symbols).

Adobe Illustrator Ink Splatter symbols

S :)





  1. Gnotes, these are SYMBOLS not brushes :)

  2. it keeps showing a blank page everytime i try opening this file on adobe illustrator cs3 and it won’t show up after i extraced the file and unzipped and how can i have them saved in my illustrator as brush options?


  1. How to draw swirls illustrations in Adobe Illustrator, Part Two

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