Free Desktop Calendar Wallpaper


Here comes another free calendar wallpaper. It’s for June. I know, it’s 2nd already, but it was a busy month for me.

How busy? Well, I had to prepare June edition of our GBG eZine, then there is always some some work to do on the Facebook GI Fan page, then I prepared a brand new Hawaiian Flowers Photoshop brushes set and Lazy Days Ditigal Scrapbook Quick page, Banner Designs … of can’t really say I was lazy, innit?

Anyways, June desktop wallpaper is here, theme is cats, of course! Poofitzah (our pat-cat master of the house and the rest of the Universe)   wouldn’t let me do it any other way.  It’s also black. That’s because I work at night (almost exclusively ;))

It is actually really good wallpaper color for those of you who work at night because it goes easy on your eyes. Light desktops are ok during the daytime, but at night, it is better to keep it dark. Or at least not too bright.

So, there you go,

Free Desktop Wallpaper – June ’09

(of course it’s free, who buys desktop wallpapers these days ;))

Free Desktop Calendar Wallpaper

So, in this one I used Brushes called: Cats (free lite edition for GBG members), Talk Bubbles (free lite special newsletter edition for GBG members) and Hawaiian Flowers Premium Edition.

This Free Desktop Calendar Wallpaper is available in four (4) different dimensions here:

1280960 download16801050 download16001200 download19201200 download

I hope you’ll like it!

Hugs and Kisses!


Although noone buys desktop wallpapers these days, I still have fun doing it! Also, there are some stuff that are worth every penny .. nickle … cent … eurocent … and that’s my big 800+ Photoshop brushes MEGA set (preview of all brushes is available here)!




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  1. Thank you, my dear. I like the kitties! The brushes for this month, the “anniversary” brushes, are pretty cool, too. Thanks for posting all of the newsletter brushes links. I didn’t have half of them and I’ve been around over a year. LOL

    I appreciate all that you do. Just wanted you to know that.


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