Firefox Addon that saved my life

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I don’t know about you but, when it comes to coding, html, css, js and stuff, it’s just not… my thing.

But being a web designer, sometimes, for some projects, when there no are programmers involved I just have to deal with coding.

So, what happened, one of my favorite clients ordered the whole visual identity package (you know company logo, letterhead, business cards, web site…) and, on the top of it all he wanted a blog on blogger. Naturally, this blog had to be designed to fit the visual identity of his company.

Lot of html/css tweaking – but, I managed. Tweaked that template and made it follow the visual identity parameters of the company, here is the link -> Greeenamic blog.

OK, to make a long story short, I grabbed that bull (blogger) by the horns and started to fight it. However I would never be able to find my way through that template without a help from this amazing Firefox Addon called Web developer that made it possible for me to locate the CSS definitions of each and every block of that blogger template I was tweaking.

So, for all of you who need or might need here is the Web Developer Firefox Addon can be found here.

This Addon was created by Chris Pederick who saved my life today.




  1. Hi eastcoastlife!
    Sorry, somehow I missed you comment!

    I’m working on it right now!


  2. I’m surprised that I didn’t get my free EC card design. I was waiting eagerly for it. My father-in-law was hospitalised, so I didn’t have the time to come over.

    If there was an announcement to collect the card, I would have missed it. Thanks anyway.

    My Reply on 23rd January:
    ‘OMG! Thank you! I was just trying my luck because I seldom win anything! This is so cool!

    I leave the design to you. I call myself eastcoastlife (ECL – my initials) because I live on the east coast of Singapore and I live a walking distance to our popular East Coast beach. A seaside theme would be nice. But I leave it to you. I’m just so happy to have my own Entrecard design. I’ll accept any design you have for me! I’m really looking forward to it. Thanks.’

  3. Thanks :), I hope too…

  4. Lovable design! I also like the way you have structured the page and contents. Hope you catch up soon with your PR5 in your old blog!

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