Download Free Photoshop Brush - Grass

Download Free Photoshop Brush – Grass

I’m so tired today, the fog covered the city (Zagreb) and the moisture is really high.

Anyway, I feel like I have to brag! My dear cousin, Davor Vrankic, the one and only Croatian artist in the Museum Of Modern Art is moving to the USA for a year or two! He is really a great artist. Here in Croatia he is almost totally unknown. It’s so sad. I think, it’s because of the small population size (funny: all Croatian people can fill only the half of the NY city :) and just imagine the number of the art consumers here? Maybe 16 or 23. He had no chance to be discovered here.

I’ve just found out that the last years article claimed that Davor is a Yugoslavian artist! Ha-ha! Funny! Yugoslavia doesn’t exist for more than 10 years! C’mon guys! He is from Croatia!

More about Davor can be found –> here <–

OK. For today I prepared a theme named “grass”. Photoshop brushes, of course. Just a plain grass :). Here’s the link where you can download the Grass Photoshop brushes set for free! (Note for a Google: Download Free Photoshop Brush – Grass)

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Grass Photoshop Brushes set

Ps: I’ve waited for more than 2 hours for my husband to check my blog post grammar because he was sitting in front of the TV, watching „the SOCCER game“.

Our best (at the moment) national soccer team Dinamo just won the game vs. Ajax (Netherlands)… and everyone here in Croatia is HILARIOUS about it!





  1. Jc Schnathorst

    I found your blog filled with great info.

  2. It’s free for any use :)

  3. Is this brush “free for any use” or just private? //Jen

  4. Hi there, is it okay if I crop out a part of the cover design of the grass for a logo background?

  5. Thanks Gail!
    Just, Vacation Rentals designed previous version of the WP theme not the blog content.



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