Celtic Knots Photoshop brushes

Celtic Knots Photoshop brushes

Don’t know about you, but I’m not too crazy about winter really … I miss the warmth, green leaves, grass and blooms on the fruit trees.

So, St. Patrick’s Day 2011. is really, really close. I’m happy! And not just because of beer and parties – I’m happy because it comes as an announcement of the Spring! Yes, the Spring is just around the corner! Woohoo!

A Few days, ago Vivayne said to me:  “Why don’t you create some Celtic knots brushes?” And I said – what a nice idea! And next thing you know, after few days, I finished the set  – Photoshop brushes: Celtic knots. I really enjoyed drawing them, those shapes are so intriguing.

So, thank you Vivayne, for the great idea!

Celtic Knots are free for Platinum GBG members but, also available in Graphics-Illustrations.Com Shop!

Celtic Knots Photoshop brushes set (38+38)Celtic Knots Photoshop brushes set (38+38)

This set consists of 38 brushes up to 2477px and 38 brushes up to 1287px.

As usual it features:

- Commercial license
- They are PC/Mac Compatible
- compatible with Photoshop 7.0, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5… and newer versions


Use them to make:

  • St. Patrick’s Day party invitations,
  • St. Patrick’s Day party leaflets,
  • St. Patrick’s Day scrapbook kit,
  • St. Patrick’s Day photo decorations,
  • St. Patrick’s Day quick page,

but not just St. Patrick’s Day graphics. Use them as decoration on any Celtic, Irish or similar themed graphics. And this does not exclude wedding photo albums, wedding photo decorations, wedding invitations, wedding thank you cards and many other graphic design or web design projects!

[Preview Celtic Knots Photoshop brushes set]

You could get the PREMIUM VERSION of Celtic Knots Photoshop brushes FOR FREE if you decide to go for legendary 800+ Photoshop brushes MEGA SET by Sunday, 20th of Ferbruary!

This will be, one more bonus! (Apart from bunch of them which are already included in the MEGA SET) So, in case you were wondering when – now it’s the time to go for 800+ Photoshop brushes MEGA SET ->

ok. Gang. That’s it for now. If you are a GBG Platinum member go grab your free PREMIUM Photoshop brushes: Celtic Knots now (and other 24 PREMIUM products from the GBG Shop.)

For the rest of you, you could become a GBG Platinum members or you could just get this set from the Graphics-Illustrations.Com Shop.






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