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Photoshop brushes, vector graphics, transparent PNG's - all in one pack: Flowers 2

Photoshop brushes, vector graphics, transparent PNG’s – all in one pack: Flowers 2

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June 17, 2014 |  by  |  Photoshop Brushes  |  Comments Off

Please, don’t get mad at me, but I need to start todays post a bit “off-topic”.

Not completely, it will all fit great together in the end, but the start will sound weird.

Now, sonner or later, we’ve all came accross these days when you feel your nerves and your psychosomatic system is being put to the stress-test. This morning started just like that for me. These kind of days are especially wicked because you start them off feeling good, even great. But, out of the blue, out of nowhere, unwanted people/events just show up standing right in front of you with one goal in mind – to make you feel negative emotions.

OK. I am old enough to recognize when negative emotions, like anger or rage, are taking over. And I know that these will not do me any good. So, I need to control them. And this is very difficult, especially when you know that you did nothing to provoke these events or people. Anyways, I had a real stress-test this morning and my negative emotins control formula consists of several ingredients:

  1. Be aware of your emotions, recognize them
  2. Write, just write
  3. Create Floral Photoshop brushes

:) Of course, the last one was added for fun reasons, but creating new stuff is a true therapy. It is difficult to start, but once you do, you end up feeling great and making great stuff!

In addition, I have a secret question that helps me get rid of the negative emotions, and the secret question is “Where do you want to be now?“. I might sound strange, I kn0w, but merely asking that question already implies the possibility that I am in charge of what I feel. No “invinsible entity” or events that I have no control of can take control of my emotions. This is tough, but it’s the only way to go.

Finally, be aware of the fact that these events that took place will, most probably sooner than you think, wanish and be forgotten, be laughed at or will just not matter any more.

So, to finish my therapy up, these evetns took place. Can’t deny it. I had a hard time fighting negative emotinons, rage and anger, but I managed with more or less success. At least I did not give up the fight for positive emotions. Now I am letting those events and people go. I am just letting them go away and their work is not finished because they did not manage to get the worst out of me. I did not let them.

OK. Back to the topic now. Thanks God, I did these brushes while ago, so what’s left for me to do is announce their existence. I hope you will like them. Ladies and gentleman, dear visitors, guests, let me present you

Flowers 2 - Photoshop brushes set

(if you are looking for a really huge collection of Flowers/Floral Photoshop brushes, I can recommend “Floral Bonanza PS Brushes Super Pack (392)“)

So, well, here it is and this is what comes with:


Special Pack: Flowers 2

  • 30 floral shapes in three sizes: Photoshop brushes

  • 30 floral shapes vector files: EPS

  • 30 floral shapes transparetn PNG files

Photoshop brushes, vector graphics, transparent PNG files - all in one pack: Floral 2

Special Pack: Flowers 2

Compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, PaintShopPro, GIMP, Paint.NET, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw.

Commercial use OK!

Preview Flowers 2 Special Pack

Photoshop brushes, vector graphics, transparent PNG files - all in one pack: Floral 2


Of course, the idea is that you use those in your own commercial projects and earn money using them.

I hope you like them, if not take a look at other sets here ->

Love you all, stay positive and don’t let the bastards get you down :)




Photoshop brushes, vector graphics, transparent PNG files - all in one pack: Floral 2

Earth Day

Earth Day

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April 22, 2014 |  by  |  Photoshop Brushes  |  Comments Off

It’s funny how we, people, like to have days for almost everything. Father’s day, Mother’s day, Earth day, we have a day for almost any imaginable sickness and it’s like we constantly have to remind ourselves about the need to respect life, nature and all living beings.

So, well, I guess we should cancel all these days and just be nice every day of our lives. Just be considerate – every day. We all know what our modern industry and economy is doing to our mother earth. We all know that the most of this is done in the name of profits of the super-rich structures. So, although we all should do our best in sorting out our own garbage, ban plastic bags, try to use cars as little as possible and raise awareness in every way we can, still, the main actors, when it comes to pollution and the destruction of our mother earth are not common people, it’s the owners of big corporations, it’s the corporate greed. And I refuse to take the blame for what they are doing.

It is not that something has to be changed. We need to change – a lot!


Two Hearts In The Sunset - Desktop Background / Wallpaper and Calendar; May 2014 - Free Download

Two Hearts In The Sunset – Desktop Background / Wallpaper and Calendar; May 2014 – Free Download

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April 21, 2014 |  by  |  Photoshop Brushes  |  Comments Off

Ok. This one will be really quick. Because I have to run to my mother’s place for Easter Monday dinner. And, oh yes!

Happy Easter Everyone!

I know I am a bit late, but better late then never, yes? :)

Also, when it comes to Easter, just to remind you, there is one free paper background called Easter Fun
- 8x8in
- 2400px x 2400px
- 300dpi
- free for all GBG members (click on the image to access it)

Funny Easter Paper Free download 8in x 8in (2400px x 2400px) @300dpi PAPER

And there is one more Easter related graphic right there for GBG Gold and Platinum Members.

Easter Chicks And Eggs  - Photoshop Brushes

However, this is not what this post was supposed to be all about.

Few days ago I did some photo shooting session in my backyard and this is one of the photos I made along the way. These two hearts sticking out looked really nice in this sunset background. I just knew I had the winner of the day :) I named this photo Two Hearts In The Sunset.

I wanted to share that photo with you and create some desktop backgrounds for download out of it. There are two sets of 6 images, each image for different screen resolution, one set with the calender and another set without it. I hope you will like it. Just click on the thumbnail to download the desired version.

Set with calender:

Set without the calender. In case you wanted to keep in on your desktop even after May.


That’s it. Gotta go! Love you all!

Doodle Floral Brushes At Making, Free Scrapbook PSD File And A Back Yard Photo Session

Doodle Floral Brushes At Making, Free Scrapbook PSD File And A Back Yard Photo Session

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April 16, 2014 |  by  |  Free Downloads, Photoshop Brushes  |  Comments Off

Don’t you just love it that the Spring is here? I just had to honor it in the best way I know! Yes, therefore, I smell some delicious fresh “spring-ish” downloads in the air!  Ouuuuh!

That warm and fuzzy feeling… :)

Well, anyways, let’s get down to the ground. I’ve got some stuff for you. As you will see down there, I was busy last night, preparing some brand new fresh Photoshop brushes and one free layered PSD ScrapBook file for you guys. Use it as you see fit. In the end of this post you will see some photos from the yesterdays “Back-yard photo session”.

Actually, what I am working on is brand new Doodle Floral Brushes. Here are some sketches, you can call them drafts, but these are brand new Photoshop brushes in making. I think they will turn out just fine and in a day or two. [distraction] Haha! This reminds me of an old Beatles song (yes, I know they’re all old) called “Rocky Racoon”. It says, in one part:

Her name was Magil
But she called her self Lil
And everyone knew her as Nancy

Love it! We could also sing

Here are some sketches
You can call them drafts
But these are just new PS brushes
(In making)

Btw. you are going to love this video (music by The Beatles, video by some really creative guys)

Well, anyways, where was I? Ah, the brand new Photoshop brushes and a free PSD download. So, here are the drafts for the new brushes I was working on last night:

Doodle Floral Brushes

Here is a free download, layered PSD scrapbook page. You can insert one of more of your own photos, add or change a few graphic decorations and – voila! A brand now scrapbook page ready to show to the world. (Yes, Facebook, for instance :) I hope you will like it.

I had no idea on how to call it and since it’s April I just named it, well – April.


Here is the list of layers in Photoshop so you get the idea how you can tweak it and get your own version of this Scrapbook page:

Scrapbook page opened in Photoshop - Layers

[click here or on the image above to download this scrapbook page PSD file]

How big is it? Well:

Scrapbook PSD file 12" x 12" at 300dpi

So you can print it out. And here is how I used it:


This is one of the photos I made yesterdays during the photo session which took place in my back yard with some of my dear friends and neighbors:

I created this Scrapbook page with a little help from the Borders Premium Photoshop brushes available in my shop and I also used Photoshop Brushes: Month by month Photo Masks (12) available as a free download for  Gold and Platinum GBG members.

Finally, about the photo session in my back yard. It was enjoyable and fun! Here are some photos from it.

Well, gang, that’s it for the day! I hope you liked the reading, listening, watching, downloading … the full experience of a typical Graphics-Illustrations.Com blog post.

Next time, I will come with a free and Premium version of a brand new Floral Doodle Photoshop brushes, the ones I am working on right now. Until then, stay well, hug the first person you see after reading this and don’t forget – have fun creating!

Love you all!



Oh! And one more, last but the least thing. I TAKE BITCOINS! It’s a long story, I will write about this in detail one of these days, but for the time being if you are interested in using Bitcoins to buy stuff from Graphics-Illustrations.Com Shop, please click on How to buy stuff with Bitcoins?


Vintage Frames Photoshop Brushes

Vintage Frames Photoshop Brushes

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February 20, 2014 |  by  |  Free Downloads, Photoshop Brushes, Shop  |  ,  |  Comments Off

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Dear friends, visitors, graphic designers, scrapbook lovers, new Photoshop brushes set is in town :)

I feel, these days, like and old rock-star (in platform shoes as Bono used to sing) coming back to the stage. Or, even better, I feel like a Terminator II. Why II? Because II is better then one!

And this set, I am really proud of it. I am proud of all my sets, but this is my newest, youngest, cutest baby! Now, for those of you who have been following this blog since I started it back in 2007. , well, first of all, thank you for sticking around. It’s been a while since I made a brush set and I am certainly not making as much as I used to. I used to make one a week!

Now, what happened since? First of all, that was this recession thing. Sales went down, but most of all, I went down. I don’t know. Depression caused by all this bad news on the TV or what not. And the removal. I guess that made an impact too. All this caused my creativity levels to go down for a while. In addition, meanwhile, Internet became full of free Photoshop brushes, some sites are offering, like, packages of gazillions of Photoshop brushes for a penny or two.

I guess all that brought me down a bit. But just for a short while. And this package proves it :)

Vintage Frames Photoshop Brushes

One more note. Despite the situation I never wanted to put the prices of my brushes down. And here is why:
First of all, it would not be fair towards all of you who purchased them at their original price.

Secondly, if I was selling them for, like, close to nothing, everybody would have them. And I don’t want that. I guess this philosophy is probably hurting my profitability and all, but what to heck. I will not compete to those who buy-off tons of brushes or vectors from God knows where and then re-sell them over and over again for close to nothing.

This way, thousands of designers end up with the same brushes.

Well, I am not having that. I guess I like this sort of “exclusivity” that my buyers have and I hope you appreciate it too. Wel, obviously, this  not all about money. I enjoy the feeling when one of my sets is being purchased, of course, but this is definitely not all about money. It is about getting it out. No, not the money ;) Getting the creation out. (We are all getting the money out everyday anyway, aren’t we ;))

I was saying, I can’t hold this inside forever, you know. Some are getting it out with words, writing books, poems, others are painting, I don’t know, photographing, expressing themselves in all kinds of different ways. For me, I am getting it out by making graphical shapes which I turn into Photoshop brushes or vectors. Later on I use them for my own designs, but I also offer them to other designers, scrapbook hobbyists or professionals, even videographers, package designers, textile designers, professionals and enthusiast from different areas of visual arts to use them and apply them in their own work.

OK. Wow! What an intro! I sure can write. If you are still reading – respect, you deserve a free Lite version of the Photoshop brushes I am about to announce.

And now, drumroll …. TA-TAAAAA! TA-TARATATAAAAA!!!!

Ladies and gentleman, dear friends and colleagues, visitors! Let me proudly present a brand new Photshop brushes set by bsilvia (that would be me :)) called

Vintage Frames Photoshop brushes

Use them in your graphic designs, book designs, magazines, web designs, banners, scrapbooks, TShirts, package designs … use them for your commercial projects. Let them help you break through the creative block, use them to decorate your work or use them as a starting point of your designs. For GreenBulbGang Gold and Platinum members vector version of these is free. Also, if you red carefully, you noticed the link to download the free lite version in this article.

Vintage Frames Photoshop Brushes Vintage Frames Photoshop Brushes

20 brushes in three sizes: up to 400, 800 and 2400 pixels @300dpi

and 20 transparent PNG files (approx. size 2400pix @300 dpi)

Preview Vintage Frames Photoshop Brushes set

Buy now

Compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, PaintShopPro, GIMP, Paint.NET
As always, Commercial use OK!

I hope you will like them. I hope you enjoyed the reading.

Let me know if you feel like, if don’t if you, well, don’t :)

Love you all!

Hugs and kisses!



Desktop Wallpaper w/Calendar January 2014

Desktop Wallpaper w/Calendar January 2014

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January 6, 2014 |  by  |  Photoshop Brushes  |  Comments Off


After a very, very, very long time I decided I will make a new desktop wallpaper. Two versions (one with calendar and one without it) for multiple display dimensions.

In this particular design I used one of my old winter scene photos, Grunge Papers background set, Photoshop brushes Swirled Trees and, of course, Photoshop brushes 2014 Calendar.

Now, for some of you it might seem a bit too dark. I don’t know. I kidna like it that way :) think I managed to deliver the feel of January.

So, if you like it too and you’d like to use it for your destop with or without calendar, just click on any of the images and save locally.


Desktop WallPaper 1366px x 768px (w/ and w/o the January 2014 calendar):


Desktop WallPaper 1920px x 1080px (w/ and w/o the January 2014 calendar):


Desktop WallPaper 1280px x 800px (w/ and w/o the January 2014 calendar):


Desktop WallPaper 1024px x 768px (w/ and w/o the January 2014 calendar):


Desktop WallPaper 1440px x 900px (w/ and w/o the January 2014 calendar):


Desktop WallPaper 1600px x 900px (w/ and w/o the January 2014 calendar):


Not too many words in this post. Honestly, It took me quite a while to get this all done. They say today is the most depressing day in the year. It could just as well be that way. However, the joy of creating and expressing through graphics certainly does a hell of the job keeping the depression away. Much better than any antidepressant. No side-effects and it works instantly. I highly recommend it.

Thank you, gang, for visiting, reading, downloading. I hope you are, despite the time of the year in a good mood. Kiss and hug person closest to you at this very moment and will talk soon :)



Ups! And here is the winter photo I used for the desktop wallpaper. I made this one few years ago. No snow in my part of the world . Yet :)


2014. Photoshop Brushes Calendar

2014. Photoshop Brushes Calendar

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December 15, 2013 |  by  |  Photoshop Brushes  |  Comments Off


OK. I know. I wrote almost nothing this YEAR! Not just month, or week. The whole year I made only a handful of posts.
Not very nice. And I don’t feel good about it either. I had writers block. Creative block. I had all the blocks you could imagine. It was that bad that I completely neglected my blog.

But. Despite the fact that there was new content. No promotion. Not even statuses on the Graphics-Illustrations.Com Facebook page, you guys were still coming, reading old posts and buying my brushes for your creative projects. Now, THAT made me feel ever worse. And I said to my self, if there is one thing I need to do about my blog and my shop, since it is the end of the year, it is to create 2014. Photoshop brushes calendar, or 2014. Calendar Photoshop brushes (whichever way you like. I guess the second option is better, but I don’t think I will change the blog title.

So, to keep the tradition alive, just as I do at the end of the year since 2009. (so this is four years now), I created a brand new Photoshop brushes set, you guessed, 2014. Calendar Photoshop brushes

2014 Calendar Photoshop brushes set

2014. Calendar Photoshop brushes set (3×12 – 36, US version) + 36 PNGs

Full description:
12 brushes in three designs and three sizes:
* up to 680 pixels @300dpi
* up to 1100 pixels @300dpi
* up to 2400 pixels @300dpi

+ 36 transparent PNG files (approx. size 8 inches @300 dpi)
+ Compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, PaintShopPro, GIMP, Paint.NET
+ Commercial use OK!

[ preview the brushes here ]

NOTE: Calendar weeks start on SUNDAY. US standard.

So, well, my old visitors and buyers already know what quality to expect from my brushes, this one is no exception, so if you need these for your commercial projects, they are available for purchase now.

Btw. on another note, in the meantime new regulations came up requiring all web sites that use cookies (to track their visitors) to ask for visitors permissions. I had no idea, almost everyone uses cookies, except me :) So, have no fear, this site is not placing any cookies on your computer, I don’t want to track you, learn about your surfing or shopping habits. You are safe here :)

OK gang. I guess that’s it for today. Thank you for coming by, visiting, reading … leave a comment if you like, stay well, Christmas is coming and I wish you a happy and joyful one!

Love and peace,



Spring Flourish and Some General Thoughts On New Beginnings

Spring Flourish and Some General Thoughts On New Beginnings

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April 4, 2013 |  by  |  Announcements, Cats Magazine, Photoshop Brushes  |  , , , , , ,  |  Comments Off

I don’t know about you guys, but the weather in my part of the world has been nothing like spring so far. I haven’t seen a “S” of the spring, until today that is. The whole March was snow, cold, blizzards… April did not start much better and I decided to call for the spring in my own way.

By creating a Photoshop brush of course. Finally, I managed to complete and publish the April edition of the Cats Magazine, which is my other passion and it was time to go back to my first passion which is, of course, graphic design, or Photoshop brushes – to be more precise.

Anyways, I decided to do two things:

  1. Create, again, something free for GBG Platinum members
  2. Invite spring to finally show up

And, voila! Spring Flourish Photoshop brushes are here!

Spring Flourish Photoshop Brushes

For all of you, Platinum members of GBG, thank you again and please feel free to help yourself with these brushes. I hope you will enjoy them. For you Ms. Spring, the time has come to wake up and get over here! You should have been here since 20th of March already!


Now, spring is not just about the sun and the end of the winter. There is so much more to spring. For instance, Easter is being celebrated in spring. This is the time when life beats death. In winter the nature is still. Not really dead, but it looks quite dead, still … naked black trees, no leafs, no flowers, no sun after all (or rare sun should I say). And, the spring marks new beginnings. Nature arises from the dead and it’s life starts to flourish again.

For us, humans, we see it as a time of hope. We see symbolism in this “awakening” of the nature. Somehow, we oftentimes project this phenomenon on our own lives. Say, we had difficult times in our life, we lost someone, or we experienced the end in some area of our lives, the end of job, for instance, the end of relationship, something died inside of us with it too.

But, then we see the nature around us, how it is awakening from the dead, how life prevails, how it starts all over again and it is kind of comforting for us, because we look up to it and we have the reason to believe that we can’t do the same in our own lives. We can start all over. New sun is arising, warm weather is coming, winter is conquered, we can start new again.

So, spring is very important to us. It proves that new beginnings are possible, every year, over and over again, new beginnings are happening around us and there is not reason not to believe that new beginnings are possible in our lives too.

So, my dear readers, I wish to finish this blog post by wishing you a very happy new beginnings, whatever you are starting something mew, and no matter how hard it seems sometimes, look up to nature and see how possible it is, how imminent it is –  to start again after the time of stillness.

Winter is over. Springtime is coming :) Today is a beautiful day!

Love you all,



True friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable

True friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable

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October 12, 2012 |  by  |  Photoshop Brushes  |  Comments Off

I was getting ready to write this post about Daniela a long time ago. But, life, as hectic as it is, just pushed other things in front of me until I finally said: “Enough! Now it’s time to make this post.”

This post is about friendship.

I met Daniela a long time ago. It all started when we were looking for someone to make some Photoshop tutorials. We had too much at hand at that time and adding Wedding Photoshop tutorials to our Wedding Photoshop brushes pack seemed like a good idea. But, to find someone to do it properly was not that easy. And then we stumbled up one tutorial in Advanced Photoshop magazine. We loved her tutorial so much that we sent her an email immediately to get in touch and see if she would be interested to make more tutorials for our little project.

She replied quickly. After several emails we just “clicked” and continued to work together for months to come. We got along so well that we felt kind of sad once the project was finished.

Now, the matter of fact is that as technology advances we all make more and more friends on Internet. We find business partners as well this is indisputable, but making friends is a totally different issue. How is it possible that after email or chat communication we feel that some is honest and good person? It’s not something you can point your finger on. It is a feeling, intuition and this is exactly what we (that’s my hubby and me) felt about Daniela.

As you can see from the image above, Daniela is also a very very talented Photoshop artist. It is absolutely hard to decide which piece of her art looks better. Just check out on Danielas gallery on DeviantArt and tell me if I am wrong :)

Anyways, just wanted to thank you, once again, Daniela for making those great tutorials for us and for being not just a talented artist but also a great person! And, of course, thank you for letting me display some of your work on this blog!

Daniela Owergoor Photoshop Art – Symphony

Photoshop Brushes for Infographics

Photoshop Brushes for Infographics

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Hi gang!
It’s been … how long? Two months. I can’t believe it. Back in the old days I used to write, like 2 – 4 posts every week. But, well, times changed. I don’t know about you, but this economic crisis hit me full swing. My usual business went down and, at some point, I had to turn out for some other sources of, well, finance. So, what I did? I became a hired writer. I mean writing is my second passion, so it wasn’t that hard to do.
Although, of course, my first and the only love are Photoshop brushes, graphics and visual arts.

Sometimes, we all need to make comprises.

Oh! One other thing I wanted to share with you. I noticed that despite of the fact that I haven’t done almost any new posts on my blog for last several months, this site still gets a lot of visitors. Well, I guess it’s the old glory. I did make plenty of free downloads, tutorials, Photoshop brushes, even funny and entertaining posts since 2007… does this sound like I’m bragging? Sorry. I won’t do any more bragging any more. And I won’t do any less for that matter :))
Just kidding.

So, where was I?
Ah, infographics. I don’t know if you noticed, but infographics became very very popular these days. It seems like everyone wants to create infographics. So, being helpful as I always was (ups! bragging again… sorry.) I figured why don’t I make Photoshop brushes which will be useful for Infographics? If you are in design business, I am sure you will find them useful. I mean, of course, these Photoshop brushes will be useful for any design project of course, but when I was creating them, Infographics was what I had in mind. The final use is up to you.

Photoshop Brushes for Infographics

Download Photoshop Brushes for Infographics

Now, they will not come in this post. This post is just to say “Hi!” after a long time, wish, probably, myself a welcome back home to my blog, thank you for visiting and announce the Infographics Photoshop brushes. In addition, it would be nice if you let me know if this is a good idea or not. Somehow I believe that this is a good idea, but still, it would be nice to know how you feel about it. Or, do you have some other idea? What kind of Photoshop brushes (or shapes for that matter) would you like to see.

But, I will also, add a small add-on to this post so it doesn’t turn you you’re just reading this for no reason :)) (except for fun ;)).

Since we did touch a topic of Infographics at the beginning of this article, ladies and gentleman, in this article I bring you Photoshop brushes for Inforgraphics. I hope you will enjoy this download.

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Water Photoshop Brushes Set

Water Photoshop Brushes Set

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Here is some good news for GBG Platinum members!

Now, just before we go on to the nice addition for GBG Platinum members, here is a little reminder on what do GBG Platinum members get? (Apart from 24 PREMIUM Photoshop brushes from GBG Shop which is $239,76 value)

Well, apart from that and apart from all brushes and downloads which are available to free GBG membership and all brushes and downloads which are available to GBG Gold members, there is a special GBG Platinum members download area and here is what’s inside ->

As most of you already know, GBG Platinum members have the privilege of downloading and using (for commercial purposes as well) PREMIUM Photoshop brushes which are not available for sale anywhere else . Now, what does this mean? This means that not many people can have those and this will add to the uniqueness of your design,  scrap-book, photo-book or any other project you have in mind.

Ladies and gentleman, let me present you

Water Photoshop Brushes Set

Full name: Water Splashes and Water Bubbles Photoshop Brushes Set

Set includes:

  • 15 High-definition Photoshop brushes for your Commercial and Non-commercial projects
  • Compatible with all Photoshop versions from Photoshop 7.0 to the latest Photoshop CS6
  • Compatible with PC and Mac/Apple
  • Can be converted for GIMP too ->

Water Photoshop Brushes Set

As I said, I created those from my own photos (some of you know that I am a professional photographer too) so there are no copyright issues, you get the license with the purchase, so use them as you like.

If you would like to buy photos instead (or if you would like to buy photos too) here is the link ->

Water drops and bubbles Photoshop brushes set

In addition, I prepared a video and uploaded to YouTube and it shows how to use Water Splashes and Water Bubbles Photoshop Brushes Set:

OK. That’s it. I hope you enjoyed the post, the video, or at least the music in the video :) (I do hope that you learned something new along the way).

Click here to find out more about GBG Membership program ->

Love you all, stay cool and have fun creating!



Photoshop Brushes Catalogue 2012

Photoshop Brushes Catalogue 2012

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July 18, 2012 |  by  |  Free Downloads, Photoshop Brushes  |  Comments Off

Sparkles And Fairy Dust Photoshop brushes, free complimentary download

Click on the image will initiate the download of the Catalogue (20Mb).
Download link for Sparkles And Fairy Dust free Photoshop brushes is on page 29. of the Catalogue.
Sparkles And Fairy Dust Free Photoshop brushes set


This post will also include FREE Photoshop brush for those who download the Photoshop Brushes Collection 2012  :))

This free catalogue features:

  • All brushes from 800+ Photoshop brushes MEGA SET I
  • FREE Complimentary Photoshop brushes set ( “Sparkles And Fairy Dust”)
  • 250 dpi (20Mb) – PRINT READY
  • Adobe PDF document
  • Letter format

I think it’s totally useful and here is why.

How many times did you find yourself working on some design or scrapbooking or photo book project and you just need to add a decoration to it?  You just needed the right Photoshop brush to add that final touch to it and finish the project?

And you just knew, at that moment, that hours of Googleing await for you before you find just the right brush, and even when you find it, the chances are it will not come with the for commercial use license? Yep. That’s how it usually goes.

Here is what all of us are looking for when it comes to Photoshop brush:

  1. Must fit our design/scrapbook/photo book project
  2. Must come with a commercial use license  
  3. Must be affordable
  4. Must be of a high-quality
  5. Must be delivered now

Well, here is the idea. Download this Photoshop Brushes Collection and keep it as a reference. There are more than 800, high-quality Photoshop brushes with commercial license represented inside. If you find what you are looking for get it immediately because each set comes with a link. And if you don’t find what you need there (which is next to impossible), you can always go search the Google.

As I said, this Collection catalogue features my legendary 800+ Photoshop Brushes MEGA SET I (Catalogue for 800+ Photoshop Brushes MEGA SET II is in preparation).

So, obviously, current owners of 800+ Photoshop Brushes MEGA SET I will just love it because it is an improved version of what they got with their purchase (and for the free complimentary brush of course).

If you are still not an owner of 800+ Photoshop Brushes MEGA SET I you will love it even more for two reasons:

  1. You can download it, print it and keep it for the reference when you work on your new project. When you spot the brush that will fit your project, you can immediately just purchase this individual brush set, or all of them – the 800+ Photoshop Brushes MEGA SET (because it’s big savings when you buy the MEGA SET)
  2. In addition, there is one FREE Photoshop brush inside this catalogue, on page 29. Sparkles And Fairy Dust” is the name of this FREE brush set (15 hi-res Photoshop brushes inside, Commercial License included)
So, generally, I believe I did a good job with this Catalogue. The resolution of the Catalogue is 250dpi so you can make a fine print out of it and keep it for the reference. It shows what the brushes look like and the links to brushes are included too.
I hope I did not miss anything. Did I say that the download link for free complimentary Photoshop brushes set is on page 29 of this Catalogue?

Well. That’s it. Let me know if I missed something.

Enjoy the Catalogue, love you all!


Ah, of course here is the DOWNLOAD LINK FOR PHOTOSHOP BRUSHES 2012 CATALOGUE (20Mb) –> for those of you who just skim through the blog posts :))

Sponsored: Grow Your Own Food - Workshop Flyer Design

Sponsored: Grow Your Own Food – Workshop Flyer Design

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I am all for organic food! And I hope you are too. Now, with all these GM (genetically modified), barely tested, laboratory produced food they are bombing us with it is getting more and more difficult to be sure if the food we buy is GM or is it organic.

OK. Now the good news! The good news is, believe it or not, you can grow your own food. ;P Even in the city. Even on your own balcony. Ladies and gentleman, I proudly present you

Urban agriculture

Now, let’s see how Wikipedia defines urban agriculture: “Urban agriculture is the practice of cultivating, processing and distributing food in, or around, a village, town or city.” So, what’s happening, generally, is that people, communities in the cities are organizing themselves, occupying building tops or unused public space to produce healthy organic food for themselves.

And this is a worldwide movement too. Chicago, NY, Amsterdam, UK, China, Cuba (has more than 33000 urban farms), Canada (preparing laws to help commercial urban farming) … it’s coming up everywhere and I bet that there is a similar community where you live too or if there isn’t, you can still start your own garden on your own balcony. If you live in the city, fresh and affordable food is almost impossible. Almost, because, if you grow it your self, then, suddenly it becomes possible.

Now, what does it all have to do with graphics and design? I hear you ask. Well, a lot. Although I moved from the city to live in the country so for me it is not a problem, I totally want to help and support organic food production in the cities.

So, for this post I prepared a flyer which promotes an urban farming workshop.

“Even if you live in the city and have nothing more than a balcony

You too can eat fresh and healthy, organic food

Join us for the 


In the GreenCity, The Onion Street 77, 6PM

And enter the magical world of urban farming

Duration of the workshop: 2 hours + Q&A’S”

So, if you know anyone who prepares such workshops or if you would like to create flyers which promote urban farming, urban agriculture and organic food production –  feel free to download this flyer.

Grow Your Own Food - Workshop Flyer Design

Grow Your Own Food - Workshop Flyer Design

I prepared this 6×4 Diecut Leaf flyer on Photoshop file setup template from which offers flyer printing too.

You don’t need to worry about the copyrights (everyone’s talking about ACTA these days and I plan on to dedicating a post to this topic too) because the images are mine, copy is mine and I give it all away for free.

Creative Commons License
Urban Farming Flyer by Silvia Bukovac Gasevic is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

2013. calendar Photoshop Brushes Set (And Space Aliens)

2013. calendar Photoshop Brushes Set (And Space Aliens)

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Gang, I know, it’s been a while since I made new Photoshop brushes set. It’s been a while.

And, finally, again, after a long time (can’t really go back to check when exactly did I made my last commercial Photoshop brushes set), I can proudly announce yet another product from my little factory of miracles (ok, not really miracles, but i just like the sound of that word ;))

After all, we all need miracles sometimes.

OK. Without further ado, ladies and gentleman, brothers, sisters I proudly present you:

2013 calendar Photoshop Brushes Set 2013 Calendar Photoshop brushes set (3×12 – 36, US version) + 36 PNGs

12 brushes in three designs and three sizes:
* up to 683 pixels @300dpi
* up to 1189 pixels @300dpi
* up to 2475 pixels @300dpi

36 transparent PNG files (approx. size 8 inches @300 dpi)

Compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, PaintShopPro, GIMP, Paint.NET

Commercial use OK!

Preview 2013 Calendar Photoshop brushes set  2013 Calendar Photoshop brushes set (3x12 - 36, US version) + 36 PNGs

NOTE: Calendar weeks start on SUNDAY. US standard.


Those of you who follow me on Facebook  you already knew this was coming as some of you got a chance to Beta test them..

Thank you Jeanne and Erica! (Please send me your wishes so that I can send you your free set.)

Anyways, the set is here, tested, verified, “bullet proof”, you can completely and totally rely on it for 2013. Some of you might think it’s too early? Some of you might think “What’s the point when the end of the world is here…” etc …

But, I tell you what. What if, just before the end of the world comes, aliens come to pick us up? And then, we find ourselves over there in space ships without Photoshop brushes for 2013.? Do you REALLY want that to happen? Now, don’t tell me “You will have it” Maybe I will and maybe I won’t. It’s always good that more of us have it.

So, I guess I was convincing enough. :)))

(Thanks God my brushes are good enough, otherwise I’d never sell anything with my “convincing” copy :)))

Also, here is some stuff I made with it.

2013 calendar Photoshop Brushes Set

2013 calendar Photoshop Brushes Set

2013 calendar Photoshop Brushes Set

So, I hope you will like the post and the brushes. Stay well and enjoy the weekend!





Check this out! I just found out how to apply huge images to Facebook Page :))

Happy Sunday Facebook Page Design

Thoughts Emotions And Art

Thoughts Emotions And Art

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May 17, 2012 |  by  |  Photoshop Brushes  |  Comments Off

Hello again, gang!

Have you every thought of something, but the thoughts were so loud that you felt like you should shout them, but if you shout them out people might think you are crazy?


I didn’t think so.

Anyways, just in case anyone ever felt like this, here is what works for me (except shouting). Making a big poster with my thoughts on it. A message, text, colors, shapes – message. Here is what I feel. On the poster. On the wall. I just stick it there so it does all the shouting for me.

If you are reading this, you probably are a person that enjoys visual arts. Artists, their job is to express what and how they feel. If they do it good – they become successful … NOT! :) If they have a good agent and PR, then they become successful. I personally believe that there is an artist in everyone of us. The moment you start expressing your emotions on paper, with words, or graphical shapes or in any other way which leaves a trace, you are an artist. And that makes pretty much all of us.

Love grows on trees

This is why we can’t create just at any time. We need to feel the need to express something and then we express it through art. Just imagine how much more beautiful this world would if all people expressed their, for instance, anger, with arts. Painting, digital painting, music, sculpturing … their focus would, at some stage, just shift from anger to the process of creation of art.

So, this is what I did today. Here is my little poster. I’m gonna send it over to one of my favorite online printing companies, they print it out for me, I will stick it to the wall and it will stay there for as long as I feel it says what I think.

Love you all gang! Stay cool and create stuff!


Creative Approach To Business Cards Design

Creative Approach To Business Cards Design

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May 15, 2012 |  by  |  Photoshop Brushes  |  , ,  |  Comments Off


Despite the Fecebook, LinkedIn, Internet and all that, business cards are still alive and kicking. VHS (here is the link to VHS for younger generations) did not kill the Cinema, neither did DVD. 5.1 surround systems did not kill live concerts either. Even the theater is still alive :)))

We are still 5 senses human beings after all, what can I say :)

Whenever possible, we just like to see each other, meet, hang out even for business purposes and, of course, exchange business cards. The worst thing that can happen to you while talking to a perspective business partner is: “Oh, wait a minute! I’m afraid I ran out of business cards…” and the person you talk too gives you their card saying “Don’t worry, here are my details so you can contact me anytime.”

This happened to me not once and I tell you – did not like it. OK. It is not the end of the world either, but, it would be much, well, nicer if I had that business card with me.

However, just having a business card is not enough , everything evolves, every day. And so does design. And when it comes to business cards, really, creative approach and uniqueness are more important then ever. So, you will probably want to think about business card size, paper type (you might want to opt for recycled paper), paper thickness, coating … you may even go for magnetic cards which will stick to your (or your business partners) fridge. You will then think about the shape (you don’t want to get too creative here, make sure that it will still stick together with other business cards of your business partner, sticking out might be a bad thing sometimes :)

And finally, you will be deciding about fonts, background and graphics for your business card. (Unless this is already predefined by your company’s visual guidelines policy).

You might take the minimalistic approach and just put your name, email and web address in black text on white paper, or, you could opt for “groovie” approach. In my mind, both are cool.

However, if these thoughts on business cards were a “heads up” for you, you will probably want to check on some online business card printing companies. PrintRunner.Com offers different types of paper (including recycled paper), different shapes, sizes … so you will probably want to check their site for your business cards supply.

So, if you just realized you’re running out of business cards, the time has probably come to renew your supplies :)

Here are some samples of business cards I did, maybe you can use them for your inspiration.

Creative Approach To Business Cards Design

Creative Approach To Business Cards Design

Creative Approach To Business Cards Design

Creative Approach To Business Cards Design

I hope you liked the cards and the post!

Have a great day everyone!


March GBG eZine, YouTube Photoshop Tutorial Videos and FREE download...

March GBG eZine, YouTube Photoshop Tutorial Videos and FREE download…

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March 29, 2012 |  by  |  Free Downloads, Photoshop Brushes, Tutorials  |  ,  |  Comments Off


Here is the latest of what’s going on these days.

We made it to another edition of our GBG eZine and it brings GBG members quite a few free downloads (again), such as Stitched Frames – Photo Masks and Stitched Frames and Text Blocks Photoshop brushes sets.

Stitched Frames - Photo Masks Photoshop brushes

Stitched Frames and Text Blocks Photoshop brushes

So, I did another Photoshop brushes set in “stitched” serial and here’s the Stitched Hearts Photoshop brushes set – and it’s FREE.

Stitched Hearts Photoshop brushes

Set contains 14 Photoshop brushes in four sizes.

It’s divided in two parts: first seven heart elements are compatible, meaning can be combined with each other  and can be mixed together. Same goes for the second portion of 7 brushes.

Also,  the whole set can be mixed with two Photoshop brushes sets which are available for download in our latest edition of  GBG eZine. :) (Now, does this make any sense? I guess you will have to download everything and see for yourself.)

You can use them as photo masks, text blocks or just simple graphic elements. You can use them in your Mother’s Day cards, Thank You cards, Father’s Day cards, digital scrapbooking pages, wedding photo albums, Valentine’s Day cards, birthday cards… you name it.

[ Preview Stitched Hearts Photoshop brushes set here ]

[ Download Stitched Hearts Photoshop brushes set here ]

And now -> Sponsored sentence (which, by all means does not mean that you should not click on the link and actually take a look at the book)

And, while at it, you might also consider learning a few good photography tricks ->

End of sponsored sentence.

Another thing – I added new Photoshop brushes tutorials to my YouTube channel, check them out at: YouTube Video: Resizing Photoshop Brushes tips and tricks – Photoshop CS5 Tutorial

Here you can see how to manage brush if you want to, for example, resize it only horizontally. Of course, this will not work on all Photoshop brushes and in this tutorial I used Wedding Photo Frames (squares) Photoshop brushes set (25+25+25) + 25 PNGs

More Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, CorelDraw etc… tutorials ->

OK. I guess that’s it for today.

Love, hug, cherish each other.




Did I tell you I was working on a brand new web site called Holidays in Croatia? Check it out! You might like it!


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