Against All Odds: March Edition of The Cats Magazine Is Out!

Against All Odds: March Edition of The Cats Magazine Is Out!


Now, again, I learned about the importance of enjoying what you do! You have no idea, I surely did not have any, on what kind of work stands behind an magazine issue! If I was not a passionate cat lover and if I was not truly enjoying this whole project of mine, I’d drop it right now.

And again, I remember good old Confucius, when he said:

“Find what you enjoy doing and you won’t have to work again.”

Now, dear Confucius, this is not entirely true :) but it’s not far from it either.

Poofah #cat #chat #ilovemycat #ilovecats #cats...

Poofah The Cats Magazine model


Anyways, I will not bother you with details on The Cats Magazine project, but, if any of you is looking into possibility to start their own magazine or team up with someone to do so, I will just say that finally I found a good publisher which I can recommend.  They are MagETC, they provide excellent support, I make the magazine in Adobe InDesign and Adobe DPS. After months of searching this turned out to work best for me.

And, now finally I can also talk about using Photoshop brushes. Of course I was using my brushes to decorate The Cats Magazine. OK. Let’s make one thing clear: Adobe InDesign does not support Photoshop brushes in their native format. However, nothing can stop you from converting Photoshop brushes to .PNG and using the .PNG in InDesign :)

So, here is one more reason why Photoshop brushes are cool!

Here is one example of using the shape extracted from Photoshop brush in magazine design:

If you are, by any chance, a cat lover, here is what’s offered in the latest edition of The Cats Magazine. If you have iPad, iPhone or Kindle, give it a try :) I’m sure you will enjoy it.

If you are, by any chance, a business owner who would consider advertising in The Cats Magazine, by all means, send me an email to silvia (at) bsilvia (dotty:) com or contact me via LinkedIn.

OK. I think this is it for now.

Love you all folks,





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